How Shape-cut Envelopes Create High Value Direct Mail
How Shape-cut Envelopes Create High Value Direct Mail

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September 15, 2022

The use of shape-cut envelopes continues to grow in popularity as companies enjoy having the choice of custom envelopes that can help them stand out from the competition. The design and creation of unique direct mail envelopes is essential to increasing response rates. While the information in the envelope is important, the outer envelope is one of the main elements that creates interest. Unique designs and distinctive shapes, such as trailing edge envelopes, will win the attention of customers when they open their mailbox. Keep in mind that the design is no longer confined to the borders of a standard envelope. Shape-cut envelopes are considered to be standard business envelopes that have a special die-cut shape on the left side that adds a unique design element. The design should be compelling enough that customers will have to open the envelope. 

Customers Can’t Resist Opening These Envelopes

When starting the design process, the shape and structure of custom envelopes is vital to changing an ordinary mailpiece into a standout piece that cries out to be opened. The design will draw the eyes of customers to the envelopes. Our team produces a visual impact with shape-cut envelopes that get attention and increase the amount of user engagement. Instead of dreading what is waiting for them in the envelope, customers find it fun to open these unique envelopes that are compelling and quirky. This leads to a higher engagement rate and an improved ROI from your direct mail envelopes. 

What Shape Can I Get My Envelopes?

When it comes to shape-cut envelopes, including trailing edge envelopes, there are certain size requirements you have to meet in order for the post office to accept your envelope. In general, envelopes will qualify for First Class Presort and Marketing Mail postage rates provided they meet both the aspect and size ratio required by the USPS.  Each envelope shape will need to be tested and approved by the post office to make sure they will properly process through their automated machines without any kind of stacking problems. The NextPage team has a set of pre-approved shapes that are available to you right now. These shapes are round and square and they can be used to draft a design concept that you can later review with your account executive.

Using Non-Standard Envelope Shapes Takes Planning

While the idea of using shape-cut envelopes is exciting, the process of creating them for a direct mail campaign requires careful planning. The details of your print file matter because one incorrect measurement can negatively impact the entire production process. You don’t want to waste time and money which is why it is important to work with your printer as early as possible in the design process. A professional printer can help you select the best materials for your project as well as provide ready-to-use templates and dielines. Plus, your print partner can also test the direct mail piece prior to production.

NextPage is one of the few companies in America with the proper equipment to produce custom envelopes 100% in-house. If you are ready to use shape-cut envelopes in your next campaign, contact us today about our printing and converting services.

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