The Power of Variable Data Printing for Banks

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October 13, 2022

How do you create large individualized direct mail pieces in a single run that sparks interest? One of the most popular, and powerful, methods is Variable Data Printing (VDP). 

The idea behind VDP is actually rather simple: The best way to form a connection is to appeal to each individual instead of sending a broad bank marketing message. The ideal way to appeal to an individual is making sure you are not sending the same message to everyone on your list. The broad or generic approach can come off as impersonal to the customer. Instead, add a personal touch by addressing the customer by name or adding a local color map to connect with your audience. These personal touches make customers pay attention to your send-outs and even keep the printed materials for a longer period of time since they do not seem mass-produced or trying to reach a broad audience.


Variable Data To Drive Banking Relationships

The proper use of customer data when planning your print and digital advertising campaigns is crucial in increasing response rates that create more accounts and long-term relationships. Some common uses of variable data printing include addressing direct mail pieces and also giving a personal touch to communications about rates, the overall market and terms driven messaging. You can even automate which one of your recipients receives specific printed communications based on their history of interactions with your bank and their areas of interest. The ability to specify who receives which send-outs allows you to better manage costs and keep a flow of communications going with current and potential customers that makes them feel valued and treated like an individual.

Variable data printing for bank direct mail materials lets you tailor your communications with customers. The personal touch gives them a reason to interact with your bank or credit union and also results in higher response rates. 

VDP develops a personal and lasting relationship between you and every customer. The banking world is becoming more competitive and choosing to use VDP will set you apart from the crowd. Millennials have been shown to desire a personal experience with brands and VDP gives your bank marketing efforts the opportunity to treat them as individuals.


Push Bank Marketing the Extra Mile with Variable Data Printing

While we have talked a lot about the personal aspect of VDP, this print method can go a step or two further than individualizing addresses on your direct mail send-out. 

For example, a marketing campaign for a chain of restaurants can better reach customers by including a map that highlights the nearest location to each person. The customer will feel a connection when they find their neighborhood location instead of feeling like the mail is addressing the entire country.

You can also welcome new residents to the neighborhood by sending:

  • Letters from your bank location that welcome them to town
  • Birthday messages that let them know you are thinking of them
  • Customer loyalty mailings that include a special gift inside the letter
  • Christmas cards from employees to the specific customers they interact with on a regular basis

With variable data printing, the ideas are unlimited and only depend on your imagination and creative team.


Direct Mail for Your Bank Today

Now that you know you never have to send a boring or bland marketing message again, it is time for you to take advantage of variable data printing. The combination of unique customer data and geo-location mapping software gives you the ability to deliver a message that will be read by potential customers and also generate a response that turns the person from a prospect into an actual customer that can last a lifetime. 

From generating new customers to promoting long-lasting customer loyalty, variable data printing is one of the most effective ways to beat the competition.

Start using variable data printing for banks today. NextPage can help get you on the right track.

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