5 Nonprofit Marketing Strategies for the New Year
5 Nonprofit Marketing Strategies for the New Year

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January 19, 2023

Every marketing team faces the challenge of doing more with less and success doesn’t come easy. Nonprofit organizations face these challenges most. Fortunately, when it comes to creating your own strategy, learning from those who have already engaged in nonprofit marketing, taken advantage of trends, and succeeded can be useful.

Opportunities to put innovative marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations into practice will arise in the next year. Here are 5 nonprofit marketing strategies to enhance your digital marketing approach in the upcoming year.

1. Save Time with Automation

One of the easiest improvements you can make to your marketing strategies for your nonprofit is automation. Through direct mail and email automation, you can strengthen relationships while saving time – an unbeatable combination! Direct mail marketing and email automation has one of the best ROIs among existing digital outreach tools, but in order to maximize your return, you need to set up automation. Automation will save you a lot of time while also helping to strengthen relationships and woo future donors. Don’t forget that small details like eye-catching shape cut envelopes add excitement when they open their mailbox.

Every person who signs up for your newsletter should receive a welcome email and letter that includes calls to action that seamlessly transfer into providing services. There are many people who may benefit from your agency offers and would appreciate learning more before financially underwriting your important work. Some automated emails should also provide links and invitations to follow your social media pages.

2. Inspire The Next Generation to get Involved

Nonprofits are missing out on new generations of potential volunteers due to pandemic-related declines in older population involvement. To make up for this, organizations should focus their digital marketing efforts towards younger adults in 2023.

Young people with families or who are budding professionals are looking for ways to give back. They are also more likely to be familiar with today’s digital methods and tools. The best part is that Nonprofit marketing isn’t just for funding. It also drives manpower (and womanpower!) to your organization. Regardless of industry or size, all nonprofits benefit from volunteers, and marketing your organization to younger adults can help bring in new hands.

Moreover, volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers when using the right strategy for your nonprofit.

3. Engage New Website Visitors

This marketing strategy is very important for nonprofits as it offers an effective way for nonprofits to deepen engagement with their current supporters and donors while also broadening their reach. Through educational web pages, articles, videos, podcasts episodes – all of which highlight a nonprofit’s mission – organizations can strengthen brand awareness and inspire audiences to take action in support of its cause.

Additionally, keeping websites up-to-date allows those interested in the organization to easily access relevant information about initiatives that could motivate them towards further involvement.

Informative and inspiring content is another great way of increasing visibility and growing an organization’s audience through organic search. Nonprofits should also keep their websites up to date with the most current information and initiatives. Clear storytelling about an organization’s mission and its impact will inspire people to take action.

4. Utilize Social Media Platforms for Donations

Nonprofits Looking for new marketing strategies to fuel their fundraising efforts can look no further than TikTok. This social media platform has grown in popularity for nonprofits in reaching a bigger audience and collecting ample amounts of donations. In fact, thousands of donations were made within the app in support of various organizations and causes in 2021.

Its donation feature is a native TikTok tool, so it’s valuable for nonprofits looking to use it as you can reach your target audiences on the platforms they already use rather than directing them down a donation path off the app.

Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook have charitable donation tools, and Twitter recently launched a profile tipping option that nonprofits can leverage to connect donations on a profile. There are now a variety of methods available that allow nonprofits to target potential donors right in the comfort of their online community spaces they already frequent.

5. Partner With Other Businesses

By collaborating with tech companies, restaurants, and influencers in their local community, this marketing strategy for nonprofits has the opportunity to increase awareness of their cause. If you can develop a relationship with a relevant local business that can further your cause, you can generate more awareness for your message.

Partnering strategically with businesses relevant to your mission can boost brand recognition while strengthening support for your organization’s efforts. Think outside traditional channels when considering partnerships – this could be a great way to get creative about expanding reach!

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