How Lead Magnets Turn Simple Information Searches into Marketing Leads
How Lead Magnets Turn Simple Information Searches into Marketing Leads

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February 1, 2023

Imagine a potential financial services customer, a first-time homebuyer, seeking answers to a question. Maybe they typed, “How do I find the right mortgage lender” into the search bar. They come across a result that looks helpful, offering first-time homebuyers an in-depth guide to choosing the right mortgage. But there’s a catch. To get that report, they must input their name and email address.

The report is a lead magnet. When a well-known brand is behind the offer, potential customers have no concerns about sharing their contact information. They input their information to get the report and create a new lead for the marketing team.

Effective lead magnets offer real, specific solutions to problems, which means segmentation and problem-solving are critical to developing them. Think about potential problems or questions your theoretical customers might have, then match those questions with information you could offer to give them answers. Some lead magnet information ideas include reports, publications, articles, guides, handouts, checklists, digital kits, webinars, podcasts, or tickets to an online event.

Potential leads won’t take the bait if the information offered is generic or perceived to be easily found elsewhere. Suppose the lead magnet precisely matches a question or helps a buyer solve a problem, and the information appears worthwhile because it has breadth or depth. In that case, a person can be motivated to act and share contact details.

A well-constructed lead magnet functions on two levels. First, it nudges leads to sign up, and second, it establishes your brand authority and expertise. The best lead magnets do not disappoint people who provide contact information. That means the information is not a simplistic retelling of something everyone already knows or a thinly-disguised sales brochure.

Attracting leads with your magnet is the first step. Once a lead provides contact details, the action should trigger inclusion in an integrated campaign using tactics like IP Targeting, direct mail, or email marketing.

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