Eight Secrets to Using Personalized Landing Pages

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March 8, 2011

Ever since PURLs (or Personalized URLs) hit the scene, the integration of offline and online media has become a powerful way to improve direct marketing results.  Now, direct mail and email can link to a URL that can be customized to the individual and can be tracked at the individual level.

After working with PURLs for many years, I’ve come to some conclusions.  My insights may change as technology advances, but for now, here’s some insight into how PURLs can help you be a better marketer:

  1. Pre-populated forms are the bomb.  Less hassle for the user and completion rates go up.  Way up.
  2. A URL with a person’s name in it is a little freaky to someone who doesn’t know you, your product, or your company. Always test a PURL against a non-personalized URL with an acquisition target audience before rolling it out.
  3. PURLs are great for collecting communication preference.
  4. And at the same time you collect preference, you can obtain and update contact information, such as those all too valuable email addresses.
  5. Current customers + PURL + satisfaction survey = Gain feedback, fix problems, make customers happy, and increase customer lifetime value.
  6. Web pages that deliver personalized offers are an extraordinary advantage over a static web page.
  7. Measurability at the individual level can be a powerful tool for testing and improving ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment.)
  8. Combining QR Codes with PURLs – to create personalized QR Codes that lead to a Personalized landing page – could change the way direct marketers think about delivering content to mobile devices.


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