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September 8, 2011

We’ve been talking a lot about QR Codes®  It’s because they seem to be the latest and greatest marketing trend. However, few are slow to try it, even when intrigued. So, let’s dive in and explore exactly how they work, especially the personalized capabilities, because the ROI could end up being huge.

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QR Codes® (Quick Response codes) are barcodes used in advertising and marketing to allow smartphone users to get more information on products and services, just by taking a picture. QR Codes usually take the user to a web page that has more information and functions.

The Codes add a new dimension of interaction and are considered to be the least expensive new technology being used today. Why? Because they are the link between print and online communications. It’s how you can take a once generic message and make it incredibly personalized.

The barcodes can be designed with variable or personal data to drive the user to personalized landing pages, shopping cart functions, automated social networking and more.

Personalized QR Codes® offer a highly interactive and personal way to interact with your target audience because they give the recipient the power to decide if they want to engage.

Use personalized QR Codes® to help you reach mobile customers through:

  • Personalized URLs(PURLs)
  • Links to Members of Sales Team
  • Tracking
  • Coupons
  • Video Access
  • Contest Entries
  • Surveys
  • Contact Information
  • Online Shopping
  • Direction/Maps
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Mobile Website Access
  • Travel Sites
  • Way Findings
  • Real Estate Listings
  • And More …

Using a variable QR Code® is just the beginning. Personalizing your site or landing page is next if you want to drive real direct marketing results. Let’s review some options you can use in your next campaign:

  • Pre-populate your landing page forms to improve user experience and completion rate
  • Deliver targeted offers, track promo codes, and redemption
  • Push customized contact information to the mobile device
  • Make it easy for recipients to save contact information to their mobile device
  • Engage customers on a new level through polls, e-newsletters, blogs and video
  • Make purchasing faster and easier by simple routing and personalization
  • Go viral by providing links to share on social networks

By applying segmentation, profiling, and other targeting tools to your campaign, you can tailor the initial experience and the online event to improve engagement and the connection between you and the recipient.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Editor’s Note:  Not everyone has a smartphone or access to a QR Code scanner, and some just prefer to visit websites from a computer. Be sure to include the address of the PURL as well and build it to automatically detect each visitor’s device and route them to the mobile or non-mobile version of their personalized site.

QR Codes are a registered trademark of Denso Wave.

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