Why Marketers Need to Be Like Fashionistas and Tap the Power of Layers

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May 22, 2012

In fashion, layering clothing adds interest, texture and style. In marketing, layering messages adds reach, penetration, engagement, and conversion.

Companies are learning it’s imperative to keep customers “engaged” with their brand via multiple touch points and varying layers, including print, variable data printing, social, online and mobile.  One company that’s successful at blending its multiple media channels to deliver extraordinary results is Kohl’s.

Kohl’s Cares Campaign

In 2010 Kohl’s celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing a contest to give half a million dollars to each of 20 schools for a total of $10 million dollars.  Consumers were invited to visit www.facebook.com/kohls to view entry rules, describe how the money would be used and cast their votes.

Kohl’s multi-channel program resulted in a gain of more than 2 million new fans for the Kohl’s brand page, and drove more than 15 million visitors who cast more than 12 million votes. Viral lift generated more than 500 million additional impressions, spreading brand advocacy across the social sphere on a very large scale.

What Were the Layers in Kohl’s Ensemble?

The Kohl’s Cares campaign used six channels to engage its customers, including:

  • Online components including the Facebook promo shown above and email marketing
  • In-store presentations with printed signage and receipt messaging
  • Television spots
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail

Campaign Points to Ponder

The take away of this successful effort was that it was a well layered campaign, which Kohl’s highly-valued demographic of moms could hardly ignore let alone not participate in. What mother wouldn’t want more funds to boost the learning experience available at her child’s school?

Kohl’s campaign, while on the surface appeared to be digital only because of the Facebook piece, was hugely supported by print – direct mail, print ads, in-store signage and receipt mentions.

Kohl’s Care Campaign did communicate to its customers across multiple channels, including print, mobile, social and online. Marketers today must build their campaigns in segments or layers and think like generals planning a global takeover or like a chess master – many, many moves ahead.

According to Infotrends, Kohl’s campaign was successful on three fronts:

  1. It used data-driven personal messaging
  2. It supported delivering messages across all channels
  3. It delivered a campaign that truly “engaged” its end customers (moms/teachers)

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