Tips for Writing Irresistible Direct Marketing Content: Part 2

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October 2, 2013

When writing about an event or sale it is best to convey all the information in a clear and concise manner. Do not make your customers guess.

  • Deadline: Use deadlines as calls to action. People love to procrastinate, so offer incentives for early sign up. You will also want to make the time and date of the sale or event very clear. You do not want customers showing up at the wrong date or time.
  • The Power of Words: In your campaign use words that draw attention, like FREE or LIMITED AVAIBLITY. These words are ingrained in us as calls to action. They should be emphasized in your campaign with larger type or a different font.
  • PURLsTo further engage your customer, included links in your campaign. If your campaign is printed, create a small URL taking the customer directly to a website that links the printed material. If your campaign is done via the internet, provide direct links to sale details or the event sign-up form.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your next event or sale is a blowout!

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