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March 20, 2014

Print is only one component in today’s complex communications channel, where value is derived from
combining media options. According to market research firm InfoTrends, “print plus” is a major driver
of cross-media usage. Over the past few years, a number of new technologies have emerged to make print more interactive. Specifically, mobile has become a major player in the more holistic integrated communications world.

Printed mobile codes (e.g., QR codes, data matrices, Microsoft Tags) that can be scanned with a smartphone to display additional content have seen rapid adoption in recent years. The primary goal of these codes is to provide interactivity to the recipient of a printed piece. This interactivity might involve offering additional product information, providing a link to a video, extending an invitation to complete a survey, or providing a discount coupon. QR codes are the most popular type of mobile code. They are most commonly used in brochures, direct mail, and magazines. QR codes are actually facilitating sales in a wide variety of today’s industries. Rather than simply asking consumers to “like” a business on Facebook, these codes capture a consumer’s attention and invite a deeper exploration. They can also serve as helpful “after hours” tools or provide support when salespeople are tied up with other customers. InfoTrends’ study entitled Mobile Technology: Making Print Interactive found that 24% of marketers considered coupons or discounts to be very effective in prompting consumers to interact with mobile codes. Another 20% of marketers said that the ability to connect to social media was an effective way to prompt interaction with mobile codes.

As mobile technology is now a focal point of consumers’ lives, it is important to seek tools, technologies, and strategies that will help drive revenue. Print plus adds interactivity to traditional print channels. This makes it a more effective medium for communications. Mobile is only going to become
more important to consumers over time, so it’s vital to stay connected to the emerging technologies that are making print more interactive! Contact us at NextPage to see how we have connected print with other channels to lift our clients results.

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