Why You Should Approach Your Marketing Like A Pastry Chef

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December 16, 2015


As the year draws to an end, we are predisposed to look forward to what our industry has in store for us in 2016. One thing we can predict without even dusting off the crystal ball is that multi-channel / omni-channel marketing will continue to gain footing as the foundation of any solid marketing campaign. Marketers will need to plan carefully and coordinate efforts across several different channels, with many layers of activity.

Marketing is like the layers of the croissant. The flaky buttery layers represent the various elements of a great marketing campaign including building brand awareness, trust, and authority.

  • Mix the dough. Define your strategy and target audience, where do they live, what do they read, where do they hang out, what social media sites do they prefer? Knowing your target will help you pinpoint where to reach them. Studies show that there are generational and gender advantages within different social media sites, as well as various marketing channels. Where you spend your time and money must align to where your targets spend their time. You don’t reach 40-60-year-old males on Pinterest.
  • Laminate the dough. The secret to creating the perfect, flaky layers in the croissant involves laminating the dough by folding in the butter and rolling out the dough multiple times. The more layers, the better the croissant. Direct marketing is very much the same. Without using the right ingredients to create the many layers you end up with a less than ideal plan. Reaching your target thru multiple mediums including email, direct mail, and social media allows you to reinforce your brand authority and trustworthiness. (By the way, did you know that 73% of consumers prefer mail to other advertising methods?)
  • Bake. Combining your social media, content, email marketing and direct marketing strategy into a single effort will allow you to create a cohesive message across different channels. Your prospect will likely have learned of your offerings via digital means. He will then have likely had your authority reinforced by a professional and trustworthy direct mail piece. Each touch, each layer, building upon the previous touch point to create a solid and palatable marketing strategy.


Planning ahead for your 2016 marketing strategy? Make sure it includes multi-channel / omni-channel touches. A 2011 study by Google reveals that consumers use nearly 11 different sources of information to reach a buying decision, you must market to them in a way that keeps them engaged. It’s our business to help create and manage multi-channel strategies.

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In today’s landscape, successful marketing demands more than just one channel, but rather a studied recipe that includes multiple channels, layers, and touches. If you don’t have all the ingredients, you won’t end up with the tasty, buttery result.   What can NextPage do for you?


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