How High Value Direct Mail Can Increase Response Rates
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October 5, 2017

Connect Magazinee

NextPage publishes a magazine called Connectmailed to over 4,000 individual marketing leaders 6 times a year. In a recent issue, we wanted to do something special, something that really showcases how creative you can get with high value, personalized direct mail.

Personalized direct mail, or variable data direct mail, uses unique content specific to each recipient, which in turn captures their attention and drives a response. Speaking to recipients, using text, imagery and offers customized to their specific needs and desires, triggers an emotional response. That emotional response leads to better engagement with the reader.

For this special issue, we wanted to include a couple of items specific to the recipient. On the opening right-hand page we included a letter that talked about some exciting changes that are going on at NextPage. The letter was personally addressed to the recipient with their name and address. Additionally, the account executive associated with that particular recipient was displayed at the bottom of the letter, complete with contact information and photo.

Next, we wanted to have some fun and give the recipient something of value that could show off our ability to print personalized information on a unique synthetic substrate.

On one of the back pages of the issue, we “tipped in” or glued, a personalized, removable door hanger. Each door hanger was two-sided, with their first name included in the message of the artwork, such as “Mary is at lunch” or “Mary is out for the day.”

So how are we able to do this? Aside from having printing presses able to handle a job of this size and complexity, there are two main factors that allow for this kind of personalized direct mail. One is good data. It is essential that your data is fresh, correct and secure.

It does no good to have the wrong address or a name misspelled. The other is 2D barcode technology.

This small barcode appears on the door hangar and the accompanying page and is matched by scanner to insure that the right personalized insert goes in the correct issue. Scanning and barcode technology allows us to match all types of personalized items and ensure no name is mismatched.

High Value Direct Mail

What we have found over the years that high value direct mail increases recipient engagement.  Sometimes that value is an extra dimensional piece like the door hanger.  Sometimes that high value is the personalization that presented in the piece.  Either way, the more valuable you make your mail the more engaged your recipient.

If you would like to learn how personalized, high-value direct mail can increase your response rates, call us at 800-660-0108, or contact us here. Get a free subscription to Connect by clicking here.


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