How the “Grow NextPage” Desk Garden Blossomed into a Successful Multi-Channel Campaign

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May 30, 2018

Who doesn’t like to get some spring cheer in the mail? NextPage recently created an interactive, personalized multi-channel marketing campaign that featured a die-cut paper flower garden and mailed it to a select group of clients and prospects. Each garden included a picket sign with the recipient’s name on it for a personal touch. The campaign, titled “Grow NextPage,” demonstrated engaging high-value direct mail and showed everyone the cool work we create in our printing facility. One of our clients said, “Thanks to NextPage, I have a new window box of flowers even I can keep alive.”

In addition to the flower garden, each package included:

-A custom carrier envelope designed and manufactured at NextPage.

-A personalized letter with instructions on how to assemble the garden.

-A link to a “how to” video for assembling the garden.

-Instructions for sharing a photo of the garden on social media.

We asked the clients to assemble their gardens and share a creative photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GrowNextPage. By doing so, they would automatically win two free passes to Powell Gardens.

New Boston Creative

Powell Gardens was a great partner (and client) on this campaign. Located in Kingsville, Missouri, Powell Gardens has 970 acres of hills, meadows, beautiful plant displays, trails, and architecture. They host year-round events, including the festival of butterflies in the summer.

Lee from Operation Breakthrough

The Grow NextPage campaign ran from April 16 to May 15, 2018, and was a resounding success:

-45 photo submissions on social media

-414 total likes

-Our Facebook custom audience ads reached 792 people, made 4,874 impressions, and 57 engagements.

We absolutely loved the creativity our clients used in their photos. For instance, one client shared a video of his daughter playing with the garden and another wrote, “Now I have flowers I can enjoy even in our cold weather.” Some added insects and worms to the planter for decoration and some placed them in their homes next to their actual gardens. Our favorite photo had the paper airplane from our Fly NextPage campaign crashed into the desk garden.

Rob from Missouri Quilt Co.

One critical piece of learning resulted from our efforts.  Several people shared their desk gardens on social media correctly, but we couldn’t see the posts due to their social media privacy settings.  These private individuals only allowed their timeline to be shared with connected friends. To resolve this, we sent out a message saying they could email their photos to us instead, which six people did.

Ultimately, the campaign generated terrific engagement with this high-value pool of contacts, and we continue to receive appreciative comments. It’s our hope this campaign was a valuable tool to demonstrate high-value multi-channel direct marketing.  If nothing else, it supported creative engagement.

Feeling inspired? To learn more about this campaign, visit our website here or to for more on how to create a campaign of your own, download our free eBook “An Introduction to Multi-Channel Marketing.”

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