How to Increase Direct Mail Responses with Variable Data Printing

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September 20, 2018

Have you ever received a generic piece of mail that made you feel like one of the masses? It might say something like “Dear Homeowner” or “Our Neighbors At”. On the other hand, have you received mail that included your name and an offer related to something you are actually interested in? You might have been surprised at first, but it more than likely captured your attention and stood out among the rest of the mail. In a world where people view thousands of messages every day, companies must create a unique marketing strategy. Personalization is the key. Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows companies to personalize each individual piece to speak directly to the recipient. Instead of blasting a broad message to a wide range of consumers, VDP makes the piece personal.

Consumer’s today are overwhelmed by the clutter of messages they receive. Grabbing their attention takes a personal touch.  Companies that utilize VDP can adjust information based on consumers’ names, where they live, whether they are single or married and any other data they know about these clients. When recipients see a mail piece that pertains to them, they are more likely to respond to it. This, in turn, increases the company’s ROI.

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Learn how to execute a winning strategy with Direct Mail

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Not only can VDP transform data, but it can also alter images, fonts and colors based on consumer preferences and needs. Mail pieces with a range of colors and fonts will stand out and be pleasing to the eye.  According to a DMA data report, response rates for non-personalized mail pieces average about 2%, while personalized pieces have response rates of 6%, and increase of 300%!

Variable Data Printing is a major advancement in direct mail marketing. If you are still using the old “spray and pray” method with your direct mail marketing, it’s time to make a change. With the exploding increase in data capture, the best marketers will personalize everything.  The bottom line is simple: Using VDP will increase your response. We have case studies and more information on file that provide more detail. If you are interested in using VDP for your next campaign please contact us.

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