The Importance of Brand Consistency
Brand Consistency

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January 10, 2020

A brand is the face of a company or a business. The logos, fonts, and colors used are what people will associate with your brand. Brand consistency is crucial and it needs to be distinct and consistent, meaning all things associated with it should share similar qualities. It should be pleasing to the eye so that it is able to generate trust, support marketing efforts, and present your name in a positive way. Your brand should be memorable enough to the average person so that they are able to recognize it by looking at a logo or branded item.

Consistent Brand Elements

A lot of elements go into a consistent brand. Logos, fonts, color palettes, and styles are all major recognizable components of a brand. All of these components should revolve around the purpose of the brand. It is your goal to make sure they are appropriate and make sense for the brand’s message. Overall, everything should be similar to the point where it obviously matches. Someone should be able to look at two different branded things from your company and know that they belong together. Most importantly, all of the elements should work well with each other to create a feeling of unity.

Brand Consistency - Corporate Identity

Brand Recognition

The Logo is the most recognizable aspect of a brand. It is something that makes someone instantly recognize a brand once they see it. The logo often provides a person’s first impression of a business or company, so it is vital that it is appealing. Most companies have a couple of different logos that are similar to each other. More often than not they all look unique but share the same color palettes and font styles. Some only contain images, some only contain words, and some contain both. Brand recognition is when all of the logos of a brand contain similar elements and qualities.

Consistent Branding

The color palette is also an extremely important part of consistent branding. The colors you choose can greatly affect the way consumers see your company. Your goal is to choose colors that you want people to associate with your company, so it’s important to be wise. Typically, you want to choose one or two main colors and up to two or three complementary colors. Make sure the colors you choose are appropriate for the kind of company you have, and if you are choosing more than one make sure they go well together.

Brand Consistency With Color

In order to give a sense of consistency, fonts and styles should be the same throughout branding. To establish this, you should choose one main style or layout for your branding. You should make everything follow the same guidelines, and look similar but not exact. As far as fonts go, choose one or two to regularly use. To get a different, yet similar look change the boldness of the font or change it to outline only. If you choose two fonts, they should complement each other well and both be appropriate for the business.

Branding Consistency

Branding consistency helps define the mission, vision, and value of a company. The mission, vision, and value are important because they define the culture of a company. For vision, branding consistency helps set the mood for the company. When thinking of vision while choosing your branding elements choose colors and themes that fit the purpose of the company.­ In terms of a company’s mission, branding promotes the goal of the company. When deciding on characteristics of your brand, be sure to include features that align with the goal. These features can include themes, graphic elements, and images. Values are what the company believes in and stands for, and consistency can help show what they are by having them present within the brand. Values can be shown especially through graphic pictures and by having keywords bolded or in a different font. Mission, vision, and value play an important role when keeping a brand consistent.

Brand Consistency With Mission, Vision, Values

Successful Branding

If you follow these guidelines  regarding logos, color palettes, and fonts/styles you will be able to keep up a sense of consistency throughout your brand pretty well. Tying mission, vision, and value into branding will help too. Maintaining consistency is important for successful branding because it gives a boost to the value of a company and strengthens its reputation. When a brand has unity it gives consumers a feeling of trust. People like things that are familiar to them. Consistency within a brand’s design elements will result in increased familiarity and business for a company.

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