Be the Mailbox: Your 5-Point Plan to Direct Mail Success
Direct Mail Success

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February 18, 2020

Direct Mail Success

Direct mail works. Think about it. In today’s over saturated digital landscape, are people really reading your digital direct marketing pieces? We’ll wait. Okay, now printed pieces. That’s a whole different ballgame. Sending a personalized piece in the mail is going to get attention—and always has. Here, Hallmark Business Connections and the Content Marketing Institute offer five ways you can make your direct mail campaign work.

1. Create a seamless multi-channel experience
Two channels, working together, as one. That is the plan to capturing your audience’s attention—combine the digital and print strategies. IP Targeting combined with a cohesive direct mail piece is a perfect way to engage your target audience with multiple impressions in multiple mediums.

2. Explore the third dimension
Direct mail offers the third dimension for your marketing strategy. Cool, right? Having that option (think non-flat pieces like boxes and tubes) enables you to get creative. Standing out in the mailbox requires an extra hint of creativity, strategy, and execution to create a truly attention grabbing piece.

3. Consider what matters to your audience
Don’t just focus on the type of direct mail to send; think about the message you want to deliver. Conceive messages by asking what’s most important to your audience. Understanding the relevant imagery, messaging, and delivery are all important factors of direct mail success.

4. Craft a message with a purpose
Select a call to action that captures your audience’s attention and helps them deliver the insights, advice and inspiration you need. Personalizing your mail piece is a great way to grab your audience’s attention! A message created specifically for your consumer will encourage engagement and further research.

5. Use digital channels as your testing ground
Digital is the optimal testing ground for direct mail content, allowing you to see what works for your audience, and then optimizing it. Channels allow you to conduct A/B tests and study metrics in real time, allowing you to optimize your content for your audience.

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