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May 11, 2020

Carry On

4 Tips for Battling Adversity

Good and bad times are bound to come and go in our lives. Businesses know how to handle a few curveballs, but the recent weeks have brought a colossal upheaval to the world. The coronavirus continues to impact businesses everywhere, but the only way through is to carry on. Inc. hosted a Real Talk: Business Reboot webinar with entrepreneur and billionaire John Paul Dejoria, who shared insights on persevering during the coronavirus crisis. Let’s take a look at his 4 tips for battling adversity:

Add Value:
Don’t feel pressured to lower prices during the crisis. You could actually face backlash from customers when you raise prices back to where they were. Instead, add value by offering additional products or services.

Market Sensitively:
Reframe your message to fit the crisis. Avoid anything insensitive and steer away from being too salesy. Remember, many of your customers are struggling right now.

Get Personal:
Stay in touch with customers, clients and employees. Strengthen your relationships during the crisis and they will be even stronger after.

Stay Positive:
Above all else, keep a positive attitude. Dwelling on adversity and uncertainty will only sap your energy. Focus on the future and what you can do in the moment.

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