How Marketing Portals Saves Businesses Time & Money
How Marketing Portals Save Businesses Time and Money

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August 26, 2021

Are you constantly forwarding sales sheets to staff because a sales rep can’t find what he saw one time about your biggest product?  Do you regularly see old marketing literature in an account manager’s office?  These inefficient processes (and poor brand management) can leave any marketing team frustrated and confused. Now, imagine a magical location where your entire internal team can access current sales and marketing materials from one place, anywhere, anytime, and available in a multitude of formats – including print: this is the beauty of marketing portals.

 An asset management solution that can serve a wide range of industries, marketing portals are ideal resources for sales associates, remote offices, distributors, and multi-location organizations alike. Offering secure, easy access to print and marketing resources streamlines and automates consistent brand and asset management, saving you valuable time and money that can be allocated elsewhere.

Marketing Portals Guarantee Brand Consistency

When marketing and sales collateral is stored in multiple places and accessed, edited, and utilized by various teams, it’s easy for brand standards to slip unintentionally. For example, fonts, colors, and language consistency are vital to any brand: maintaining these standards takes more internal time and effort without a standardized solution. In addition, by storing all print marketing materials in marketing portals, you free up resources that would otherwise be spent editing and standardizing web-to-print assets.

Improve Efficiency by Storing Print Marketing Materials in Marketing Portals

With access to a secure, branded marketing portal, many common roadblocks in the web to print process are effectively eliminated, equipping your team to optimize their time and efforts (saving you money!).

Marketing portals provide many advantages to companies including, but not limited to:

●       Easy access to approved, print-ready materials, all the time

●       No waiting for sales or marketing to customize a product; the accessing individual has editing control within certain predesigned standards

●       All print product information is saved in the portal, keeping the whole team effortlessly in the loop

Marketing Portals Automate Shipping

Online marketing portals can also send web to print products from your printer directly to your intended recipients. Many also have comprehensive tracking capabilities that tell you the moment your postcard, campaign content, or branded package arrives in consumers’ hands. This access saves your internal team time and money that would otherwise be spent making and tracking these arrangements.

NextPage’s studio marketing portal is the solution you need to help streamline and optimize your business’ asset management and to help save you time and money!

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