Managing Print Inventory With Supply Chain Shortages
Managing Print Inventory With Supply Chain Shortages

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September 23, 2021

The paper and print supply industries revolve around current events and the areas that contribute supplies. From manufacturing and logistics to inventory and delivery, global climates and current events decide the industry’s fate (and the success of the businesses relying on them). Currently, a significant trickle-down effect of international happenings is limiting paper access, leaving many companies, printers, and manufacturers lacking a key resource to their success. 

Beat supply chain shortages and printing delays by having a strategic distribution partner to help you avoid common pain points and thrive despite the headaches competitors might be experiencing. How can they do that? Let’s find out.

Four Ways the Right Print Supply Partner Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

Making sure your business continues to run smoothly during supply chain shortages is no easy task. When it comes to your bottom line, persevering through the ups and downs is easier when you have resources to help you succeed. 

Here are four tips designed to do just that:

  1. Warehouse your print supply assets elsewhere to optimize space and pricing

Running out of space? We get it – and we know premium office space doesn’t come cheap. By storing printed assets offsite, you can make the most of your space while saving money, and use economy-to-scale pricing to your advantage.

  1. Use a marketing portal

One-stop-shop portals help manage your print supply materials and ensure that you never experience print delays again. By allowing your print partner to manage portal logistics, you also speed up the ordering process.

  1. Order Ahead

Don’t just plan for worst-case scenarios; find a printing partner who can anticipate potential pain points – like supply chain shortages – and help you stay ahead of the curve.  Also, anticipate turnaround times.  Try to submit purchase orders well in advance and build extra time into the delivery date. 

  1. Prioritize communication 

Completing high-quality orders on time, within budget takes intentionality and clear direction. The better information you provide to help your print supply partner complete an order, the happier you and your customers will be with the result.
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