How Sales and Print Marketing Alignment Help Companies Grow
How Sales and Print Marketing Alignment Help Companies Grow

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October 14, 2021

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Research shows that companies with aligned sales and marketing teams are more efficient at closing deals and winning new customers. In other words, it’s more important than ever to have sales and marketing alignment to get ahead – and stay there. However, finding qualified leads, proving expertise, developing those relationships, winning meetings, and ultimately completing the sales cycle with a successful deal is no easy task and even more daunting for sales teams left to run the gauntlet alone.  

Thankfully, aligning sales and marketing strategies doesn’t have to be a challenge, and the return is well worth the effort. Your organization can optimize its marketing strategies to increase sales through new and advancing print marketing techniques, better communication between team members, and more innovative tools.

Print Marketing Strategies Still Work

This year has been a crucial year for marketing as social distancing and digital communications forced companies in all industries to adopt dispersed, consumer-centric sales models. Digital advancements like social media, ecommerce, remote work conferences, and more led many to feelings of burnout and excessive digital communication. Adding print to your sales and marketing strategy is a refreshing change: it’s easily personalized and a far more substantial sensory experience.

The Benefit of the STUDIO Marketing Portal Tool

While new and advancing print marketing strategies increase sales and effective cross-team communications, high-quality tools are the third-string in the strong chord of an aligned team. Marketing portals, like NextPage’s STUDIO Marketing portal tool, allow you to upload a full library of brand assets to a digital portal.  These assets are easily accessible across your company’s network.  Marketing portals allow associates, remote offices, distributors, and partners order cohesive, compliant branded materials without concern for brand identity violations. The portal also lets you proof and order materials quickly and efficiently, further minimizing the hassle and unnecessary communications that can accompany the ordering, proofing, delivery, and invoicing processes. Shared CRMs, company drives, internal communication tools, and shared sales and marketing collateral storage make sure each team and team member has what they need when they need it allowing for overall success!   

Contact us today to learn more about our STUDIO Marketing Portal and how it can improve your sales and marketing alignment.

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