How Insurance Companies Benefit from Marketing Portals

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October 28, 2021

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Brand consistency and industry compliance are crucial for insurance companies, especially those with multiple locations and a large-scale presence. Consistencies in health insurance branding standards help customers feel secure—no matter where they’re supporting you from—while maintaining brand identity and enabling customization to better target certain locations or demographics.

To aid companies in their efforts towards consistency, providers like NextPage offer new and emerging tools— like marketing portals—to help share resources and relevant collateral. These tools eliminate unnecessary inventory and distribution headaches and make sure everyone in an organization is equipped with what they need, when they need it most, to keep your insurance branding consistent.

Why Brand Identity is Crucial to Insurance Branding

There are thousands of health insurance companies operating in the U.S., making health insurance an increasingly competitive market. In addition to technical expertise, excellent service, and continued growth, a solid brand identity and smart utilization of it are key to getting ahead of the competition – and staying there. One way to maintain and promote a strong brand identity is by providing a consistent, integrated customer experience across locations. 

Not only does a unique brand identity set your company apart, it also makes it easier to remain compliant at all locations. Not only does compliance consistency ensure that your day-to-day operations are unified, but it protects the images, messaging, and collateral used in your insurance branding. When all functions are unified, the stress of compliance is minimized since every team is operating the same way, with the same tools and procedures.  

How Marketing Portals Help Agencies (and Agents) with Compliance

Marketing portals, like NextPage’s STUDIO Marketing tool, allow you to upload a full library of brand assets to a digital portal easily accessible with any digital device and the right password. When corporately approved, these marketing portals and the collateral they store let associates, other offices, distributors, and partners to order cohesive, compliant brand materials at their convenience without concern about brand identity violations. The portal also lets you proof and order materials quickly and efficiently, further minimizing the hassle and unnecessary communications that can accompany the ordering, proofing, delivery, and invoicing process. It’s an easy win for any company seeking to streamline and elevate its insurance branding.

Curious how our STUDIO marketing portal can help your health insurance company maintain a more consistent brand identity within industry compliance? Schedule your demo today.

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