Where Will Market Trends Take The Print Industry?
Where Will Market Trends Take The Print Industry?

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November 25, 2021

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With new technologies and social media leading to a significant increase in digital content, the printing industry struggles to keep up and stay ahead. COVID-19 forced many businesses to shift to work-from-home, further increasing the digital print divide, some might think the future of printing is in jeopardy. This, though, is far from true.  

Many print companies could diversify, using their industry expertise to enter niche commercial opportunities and outlive the rest. Cutting-edge and economical print trends like variable direct mail, eco-friendly printing links, and augmented reality marketing are the future of print: are you ready for it? 

3 Print Trends: Where Print and Digital Meet Today

Let’s dive into some ways these two trends can play into an effective print marketing strategy and where we see them leading the industry in the years to come.

  • Variable Data Direct Mail
    Already being utilized by top companies, variable data direct mail, or the ability to personalize marketing pieces to individual recipients in a specific area, drives engagement and response rates far more effectively than generic mail. As technology continues to advance, the use of personalized print marketing materials will only increase. Working with a print partner like NextPage, with proven direct mail experience, is an asset as this trend grows.
  • Direct Mail Targeting using IP address information
    Another asset to increasing technology is the availability of data. Data gives direct mail an advantage by helping the businesses who use it target specific consumers.  Available tools enable marketers to pull a physical address from the IP information internet users that visit your site. Even without taking action to contact your company, you can easily contact that consumer who’s already interested in your product or service.
  • Augmented Reality
    The third print trend continuing to rise in popularity is augmented reality (AR). We anticipate AR advancements and image recognition to enable print ads as the first step in the omnichannel experience, delivering a seamless user experience. In a world where consumers are becoming blind to ads due to constant inundation, creating multiple touch points through omni channel delivery is key.

Environmentally Stable printing

Sustainable printing trends are on the rise, largely due to their value in preserving the long term success of not just the print industry, but the planet, by working to minimize the greater carbon footprint.  A few rising print trends and new tools towards this effort include:

  • Eco-friendly inks and paper materials
    Inks are often toxic to the environment, and ink cartridges are difficult to recycle, resulting in unnecessary waste. However, advances in technology are allowing print and ink suppliers to use more specialty inks: These are far more sustainable, and don’t cause a loss in deliverable quality.


    Paper consumption is another significant concern for the print industry, and sustainable printing practices can be more cost-effective than traditional practices, further minimizing the carbon footprint. In addition, green printing practices deliver the same high-quality products that you expect from conventional printing while reducing waste, eliminating harmful chemicals, and protecting the environment from further harm.

  • Systems for less waste/Ink Pollution
    Pollution prevention requires active steps to implement changes in workplace practices, technology, and materials. For example, switching to cleaner inks, safer chemicals and ink drip trays and liners minimizes excess waste in the print process. Not only does pollution prevention offer environmental benefits, it also includes cost savings, improved productivity, better product quality, reduced health risk concerns to employees, and reduced pressures of regulatory compliance.

We’ve only covered a few trends already impacting printing trends and the future of printing. Working with a print partner that stays ahead of the trends is key to your success. When you’re ready to begin your next print project, we’re here to help!

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