9 Reasons Printed Books Are Better Than Digital
9 Reasons Printed Books Are Better Than Digital

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December 9, 2021

It’s December, and kids everywhere are thankful for a much-needed break from school and time with family and friends over the holidays. Before we know it, though, January will come again and college peers everywhere return to class. Whether individuals learn in-person or online, the price of college books add up quickly and contribute to high education costs. 

How are readers combating this struggle? Digital books. Though eBooks are often cheaper than printed books, a majority of students (and teachers alike) still prefer printed books over digital ones. 

Here are nine reasons books win every time in the battle of printed books vs. eBooks. 

9 Benefits of Printed Books

  1. Learning capabilities
    Readers absorb information better from print books versus digital. COVID-19 and the resulting increase in Zoom usage has led to lots of screen time for people of all ages. However, studies still show that comprehension is better when reading from a printed book than a digital source like a computer or tablet.
  2. Printed books have health advantages
    Specifically, the blue light emitted from screens places additional stress on readers’ eyes, leading to increased fatigue, comprehension problems, and even headaches.
  3. Less distractions
    Readers are less likely to get distracted when reading from a print book rather than an ebook or tablet with browsing capabilities
  4. Readers prefer printed books
    Most college readers still prefer to hold a real book in their hands instead of staring at a device. In surveys, they often report how they love the smell of books, turning the pages, and even scribbling notes in the margins – none of which is possible with a digital book.
  5. Learn as they go
    Readers can feel their progress through a course with a printed book by gauging how much they’ve read. EBooks just don’t offer the same level of satisfaction.
  6. Note taking
    Many readers write in the margins of their books as they learn: This kind of notation is not as effective on ebooks.
  7. Retention
    Used print books retain their value, helping readers recoup some of their costs by re-selling books once they complete there.
  8. Bragging rights
    Showing off your book collection is always fun: some think the higher the stack, the smarter the individual. Especially for serious learners or life-long students, having a dedicated book stack reminds them of how much they’ve accomplished.
  9. Battery Free
    Print books work anywhere anytime, no batteries, chargers, or internet connections are needed to learn.

If you’re convinced it’s time to reconsider printed books, we’re here to help!

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