Marketing Portals Benefit Distributed Sales Teams
Marketing Portals Benefit Distributed Sales Teams

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December 23, 2021

The holidays are just around the corner. Keeping up with the schedules of your sales, marketing, and direct sales teams can be a challenge amidst the craziness of Black Friday, holiday, and New Year’s sales – especially for distributed sales teams. Implementing a marketing portal can ease the holiday stress by giving each member of your team complete access to your regular and seasonal marketing and design materials anywhere, anytime. 

Marketing Portals provide this access and more, eliminating inventory and distribution headaches and making marketing easier by having all your sales and marketing collateral available at the click of a button. 

Advantages of the STUDIO Marketing Portal

  1. Brand Control & consistency
    Pre-approved collateral templates keep your sales and marketing materials compliant with all egal regulations. They also help ensure brand consistency across locations so every consumer has the same experience with your products and staff.
  2. Increased Responsiveness
    When all your materials are stored in an easily-accessible digital cloud, ordering more inventory or digital products can be done quickly and from anywhere. No need to worry about download speed, formatting, or computer compliance, since every material can be accessed in whatever form necessary.
  3. Increase flexibility
    Unlike traditional collateral that needs to be manually shared or de-encoded before accessing, our Studio Marketing Portal offers immediate cloud access to all uploaded tools and collateral. No more waiting, password sharing, or low-resolution downloads necessary.
  4. Manage ROI
    Through the Studio portal, you can also see which team member is ordering a certain product, even down to which employee is placing the order, and when. This type of reporting helps with accurate ordering and predicting future product needs.
  5. Save time & Money
    All the above work together to save valuable resources and protect your bottom line, both of which are key to a successful business.

Want to see how the STUDIO Marketing Portal can help your business this holiday season? Schedule your demo today.

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