Marketing Portals for Banks – Why Your Bank Needs One
Marketing Portals for Banks - Why Your Bank Needs One

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January 27, 2022

Marketing managers at banks have a lot of responsibility when it comes to the creation, distribution, standardization and organization of marketing assets, bank collateral and online marketing. The more locations and product lines a bank has the more complex it can get, the same applies to number of employees, product and service lines, etc. It’s not an easy task!

We’ve found that anything that can make a marketer’s job easier without losing quality or effectiveness is appreciated. What if you could simultaneously make the job easier and improve effectiveness? You can!

This is where a bank marketing portal comes in. Here we describe some of the ways that a marketing portal benefits banks, marketers and the bank’s customers.

Manage Your Bank’s Marketing Assets, Collateral and Online Marketing from One Central System

Using a marketing portal allows you to centralize all of your marketing efforts to work out of one system with an easy-to-use interface. An effective marketing portal for banks must also include the capability to automate many of the tasks that typically get done manually. The best portals have multi-channel integration so you can literally run a “command and control” level of operations from within that system.

We’ve put together a short list of the benefits for some of the sections that a bank marketing portal should include.

Create & Order Bank Marketing Assets & Collateral

A huge benefit banks have when using a marketing portal is that they can create, order and store marketing assets such as brochures, booklets, business cards or other types of collateral making it easy to access, centralize and organize.

If your bank has many branches each one has unique elements such as phone, address, and manager names that need to be accounted for and a portal makes it easy to keep all of this collateral organized, consistent and at the same time isolated and accurate to the correct location.

In addition to the storage and organization you should also have the ability to order that collateral directly from the system. If inventory is low at any location, you can simply navigate to the asset you need more of, type in the quantity and click to immediately submit that order to be printed and shipped to the location you have set up in the system.

Inventory, Share & Download Approved Sales Sheet or Ads

Again, inventory management is a big benefit for banks when it comes to other assets such as sales sheets or advertisements. The benefit here again is that you can centralize the organization of these assets and either get them to the right people or give them access to use it when they need them.

What this allows you to do as a marketing manager is ensure brand consistency is maintained because you control what assets live in the system. If they need to be updated you have the control to make that happen and understand what needs to be done so that nothing “rogue” ends up inside or outside of the portal.

Another unique benefit of a good bank marketing portal is the ability to create templates so when you do need changes made it doesn’t have to be done from scratch every time.

Send Direct Mail to Customers

Direct mail marketing for banks can take a lot of time because you have to design your piece, get a quote on the printed piece, get it printed and then you can get it mailed out.

The great thing about a bank marketing portal is the ability to set up those direct mail pieces so that all you have to do is choose your recipients, select the direct mail piece and click to send that mail out to those recipients. No hassle, no back and forth, just a few clicks and your direct mail is out the door.

You also should have the ability to automate your direct mail based on the behaviors exhibited by bank customers when engaging online, your website, etc. This triggered direct mail can automate tasks that were either manual before or not even achievable because the technology didn’t exist. Now you can increase response rate significantly due to the effectiveness of that automation.

Integrate with CRM & Customer Databases

No manager likes using a system that doesn’t communicate with other systems they need to use and rely on. This applies to a marketing portal as well. The portal will need to integrate to your current CRM, database or other system that collects customer data so everything can be captured, tracked, measured and used for your automations. 

The good news is that there is a solution which satisfies all of these criteria and it is the Studio marketing portal we’ve developed here at NextPage. If you would like to talk about the details of the portal or schedule demo let us know!

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