Benefits of large format printing for your Business
Benefits of large format printing for your Business

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March 3, 2022

In a recent study, it was found that 71% of people who look at large printing not only notice the advertisement but make a mental note of what’s being advertised. In fact, 50% of those who see large print, bring it up in conversation later. For example, a billboard located at a busy intersection is almost certain to catch the attention of the public. A vehicle wrap on a company car is an ideal way to make sure your marketing is visible no matter where you go in the city on a daily basis. Wide format printing can produce window graphics that fill large, open spaces with your company logo and marketing message. 

There are many ways to use large scale printing while staying within your budget. Think about your home office…as we shift with more people working from home, people are looking to personalize their workspace with customer backdrops, wall murals and more. Unlike traditional printing techniques, large format signs are sustainable and printed digitally so they are a low cost, durable material that brands your business in any type of weather while continuing to dominate the market. 

Large Format Printing Increases Brand Recognition and Visibility

By employing large format printing technology, your business can produce sustainable, clear, sharp content and images that are easily visible from a distance. The information about discounts and deals on material printed in a large format will catch the eye of prospective clients in your target area and brand your business. Large-format printing also entices potential clients at exhibitions or trade shows by providing a clever call-to-action in the display that will generate leads for your business. 

Large format printing is commonly used to drive attention to billboards, banners and posters. In fact, the NextPage team was able to provide large window clings that hung over the highway during the Super Bowl last year (for the Kansas City Chiefs)! If you’re looking to draw attention to an event or a business, wide format printing is likely what you need to create high impact advertising.  Large scale printing is going to be eye-catching which means you will get greater ROI from customers down the street or across a crowded trade show room! Because your branding message will be clearly legible from a distance, you don’t have to worry about not seeing a return on investment. You will capture consumer attention which translates into increased sales and, potentially, greater brand loyalty.

Large Format Printing Uses Long-Lasting Low-Cost Materials

Some large-format printing projects are designed to be mounted outside. For example, posters and billboards are placed outside for long periods of time so they must be able to maintain the quality of your brand. Large format printing is capable of withstanding constant exposure to diverse weather elements since they are made from UV-resistant and durable materials. Billboards and transit graphics must be able to withstand the elements and last through all kinds of weather while still being adaptable and durable. If you need to print something that can stand up to the elements, large format printing is the way to go. 

There are multiple benefits to using large format printing for your projects. You will have the advantage of a large area to display your printed project as well as the benefits of UV-cured ink that makes the printed material able to withstand rain, heat, and sunlight without any damages. Another benefit of large format printing is the ability to print on a variety of substrates, through the carrier of the printer, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Cloth
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Foam Board
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Metal

No matter your current graphics needs, large format printing provides durability as well as a large display area that allows your message and products to be both eye-catching and visible to the public. 

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