Top Benefits for Using STUDIO Marketing Portal
Top Benefits for Using STUDIO Marketing Portal

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March 24, 2022

NextPage understands the difficulties almost all businesses are facing in the current marketing arena. While you want your franchisees, and your marketing and sales organizations, to operate efficiently and show results, you also want to make sure they are correctly complying with your established brand standards. Research has shown that companies with aligned sales and marketing teams are much more efficient when it comes to closing deals and winning new customers. 

In order to help businesses succeed when it comes to enjoying the ability to automate marketing campaigns, we have developed an effective web-to-print solution known as Studio Marketing Portal. Many users from across hundreds of companies around the country have picked Studio Marketing Portal to streamline their marketing and communication management and allow them to run more efficiently.  

Here are some of the top reasons brands choose to use Studio Marketing Portal. 

Studio Marketing Portal Makes Brand Control Simple

NextPage’s Studio Marketing Portal gives you the power to protect the branding standards of your company whether you are working on print projects, mail, email or other marketing materials. Through customization rules that can be adjusted to fit your specific needs, you can guard the integrity of your brand while still providing users the flexibility they desire.  

Studio Marketing Portal provides the following benefits: 

  • Allows for a cohesive, compliant library of brand assets that is easily available to multiple users including associates, remote offices, distributors, and partners (without the worry of brand identity violations)
  • Lets users choose from multiple image options or upload their own images 
  • Users can write their own headlines or they can use the headlines that are provided
  • Quickly proof and order materials which minimizes any downtime, hassles or communications that are not needed during the ordering, proofing, invoicing and delivery processes
  • Shared CRMs, internal communication tools, company drives and shared sales and marketing collateral ensure that all team members (in any department) have the tools they need for success no matter the time of day or night 

Customized Interface and Support

NextPage’s portal makes life easy thanks to flexible account and billing options that put you in control. You decide which users have access to Studio Marketing Portal as well as the available materials for each user or location. You also get to decide how much they are allowed to order and how any orders are billed.  

Your marketing portal can be structured so your remote locations across the country are able to download assets and place orders. You can also design the system to only allow purchasing from satellite offices or local stores or ordering from centralized regions or headquarters.

We’re not done yet! You can also customize your Studio Marketing Portal for: 

  • Corporate billing
  • Monthly invoices
  • Credit card payments by each user 
  • Split the billed amount between the user and company 

Whatever steps you need to take in order to streamline your accounting processes, Studio Marketing Portal has the solution. Call today to learn more about this powerful web-to-print marketing solution for your business.

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