Trends in large format healthcare design
Trends in large format healthcare design

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April 7, 2022

When discussing the idea of large format for business signage, you probably think of signage designed to increase the number of customers that frequent a restaurant, store or office. However, healthcare facilities are another type of business that benefits from large format design and printing. Although you might not pay too much attention to healthcare signage when it is in front of you, without it, it could be problematic for patients and lead to a lack of necessary information. Healthcare facilities can be chaotic and intimidating. While staff are accustomed to the hectic atmosphere, patients and visitors may have a difficult time adjusting. Implementing traditional and digital hospital signage can help patients navigate the halls, ease their anxieties and understand available services offered. Whether healthcare graphics are used to provide directions, create window displays or large murals to make the environment…, large format graphics make an impact on patients of all ages.

Professionally designed and thoughtful healthcare signage helps to attract patients to a doctor’s office, medical facility, or hospital. In addition, the signage also sends a message about the type of healthcare services provided by the business. Large-format graphics can be placed on walls, floors and ceilings and can include images such as big, bold arrows on the floor for easier wayfinding in healthcare facilities or on educational campuses. 

In order to get a better idea about how to effectively use healthcare signage, check out the healthcare design trends in the next section.

Four Trends in Healthcare Design

  1. Floor Graphics: Even though the public is used to viewing signage at eye level or overhead, it doesn’t necessarily need to be installed in a “typical place”. It is true that in most environments where people are moving through an unfamiliar space, the signage is placed overhead (such as an airport, hospital, or university). However, most humans tend to look downward as they walk so they do not trip. When considering the latest healthcare design trends, many designers and wayfinding experts are starting to place signage on the floor to help people navigate a space safely and effectively.
  2. Fabric-Based Signage & Nonwoven Wall Graphics: In terms of popularity, applications such as fabric-based signage and nonwoven wall graphics are used often because they are soft, lightweight and flexible. Printed fabric-based media is often used at healthcare facilities to create flags, banners, and wall murals.
  3. Sustainability: When utilizing large format printing, you have the option of choosing from a variety of environmentally-friendly green inks. Thanks to the advanced printing techniques available in modern large format and custom printing, the printers themselves are now more environmentally-friendly. The public is more aware than ever before about the topic of sustainability and they appreciate companies that “go green”. You can add environmentally friendly print to your healthcare facility and help the environment at the same time.
  4. Go Big or Go Home: Large-format graphics are continuing to gain popularity in every sector from retail, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, and residential. Large scale printing capabilities have advanced enough to offer bolder colors and higher resolution. Large format design trends lean towards graphics that create an atmosphere and tell your brand story.  Interior designers have discussed how much they appreciate the flexibility and creative possibilities that come from including the product as a design element. Beyond their use in both commercial and institutional applications, large format graphics can be used to bring lightness and brightness to areas such as children’s spaces in healthcare settings. Designers will continue to go big and bold when it comes to finding ways to incorporate large-format graphics in creative ways such as telling a story or sharing directions or instructions to the public.

When you are ready to incorporate new healthcare design trends in your large format graphics, call our design team for guidance and information.

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