Healthcare Insurance Marketing: Creating Brand Recognition
Healthcare Insurance Marketing: Creating Brand Recognition

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May 12, 2022

As a person involved in the health insurance marketing business, your brand is your business. In other words, your insurance branding is what creates the impression the public has when they think about your company. Successful insurance marketing requires you to have a public image that is reliable and trustworthy. It has been said that the importance of branding for healthcare insurance companies (as well as companies in other industries) continues to grow. The challenge of successful branding is breaking through the clutter of choices available to consumers. Branding plays a large part in the overall performance of a business as it develops and refines the public image of a company that is reinforced or diminished during each interaction with customers. 

Create successful brand recognition by following the tips listed below. 

Your Insurance Brand’s Core Values Lead to Consumer Trust

  • Successful companies pay attention to every detail that might be noticed by the public. When you think about successful brands, almost all of them have aspects to their branding that are clean and simple. The ultimate in sophistication is simplicity.  For example, take a close look at Apple and you will see why they are the leader in simple sophistication.
  • Your insurance branding needs to speak to both your target audience and the general public as your brand is the voice of your company. You need to tell those who have brand loyalty, and those just learning about you, who your brand is and why they should do business with you. In other words, why choose your company for their insurance needs? Accomplishing this task helps your audience grasp your marketing message and brand. If they are able to understand your company values and mission, they are more likely to trust you and become a customer for life.
  • The values your brand must convey include trust, stability, reliability, and empathy. Even though insurance companies are here to make money, potential customers do not want to be reminded of that fact. The image of greed and financial gain is an issue for the entire insurance industry.  Your branding and health insurance marketing choices must address the concerns of potential clients and put the focus on their needs.
  • When marketing your insurance company, remember that people who buy policies do so out of uncertainty and worry. They might think they are being practical, but insurance is designed to protect policyholders against things that cannot be predicted.

A Strong Brand is Compliant, Consistent and Productive

If you present your brand consistently through all of your marketing channels, you can earn 25% more money as a result. In addition, studies show consistent brands have a 20% higher value than those that are not consistent in their marketing message. As a brand manager, that should be enough incentive to make sure your insurance marketing strategy features strict compliance and consistency standards that are enforceable across all of your locations and marketing channels. 

An easy way to make sure your insurance marketing message is consistent at all of your locations is to use the best brand management software platform — Studio Marketing Portal from NextPage. This solution serves as your company’s library of print and marketing resources available via a company-branded online portal giveing you marketing efficiencies anywhere in the country giving local marketers the freedom to run their business as they see fit. All insurance marketing executives know productivity is a key to success. This requires the involvement of every member of your team to build a strong brand. This goal can be accomplished using our Studio Marketing Portal

A Strong Brand Leads to Improved Marketing ROI

When all is said and done, improving your return on investment gives your insurance agency the best chance to remain, or become, successful. Everything discussed above leads to improved marketing ROI.

Here is a recap to help you improve your marketing efforts:

  • Make sure consumers know what your brand is about
  • Consistent brand marketing at all of your locations can lead to a 25% increase in sales
  • Less time taking requests from local marketers makes your brand more productive and produces greater ROI
  • When local marketers have the materials they need to produce relevant collateral, their response rates increase which leads to (say it with us) improved marketing ROI
  • Streamlined production, reduced development time, and the ability to print on demand all prevent waste (and downtime) and generate a greater return on investment
  • Improved ROI begins when you tell the public about your core values and why they should use your insurance services

Use the power of brand recognition to grow your health insurance marketing efforts and increase your ROI today.

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