3 Direct Mail Strategies that Improve Response Rates
3 Direct Mail Strategies that Improve Response Rates

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June 16, 2022

Direct mail marketing campaigns are still a viable option for successful print marketing. When planning a campaign, the desired direct mail ROI needs to be determined in advance. In order to achieve the best direct mail response rates, there are some design tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Make the direct mail piece large enough to get attention and unique enough to make the recipient want to learn more about your company
  • Make sure you are following USPS dimensional standards for your direct mail or it may not go anywhere
  • Discuss the benefits of the product or service you are promoting and not the features as the specific features you highlight might not apply to everyone
  • Make the offer tempting, easy to understand and easy to redeem (such as a coupon or code) as opposed to making consumers jump through hoops with too many steps
  • Combine your direct mail marketing campaign with other marketing techniques such as digital marketing or TV and radio ads
  • Create a sense of urgency so consumers will take action due to a fear of missing out on an opportunity

In addition to the above design ideas, check out three direct mail strategies to grow your direct mail ROI in the sections below.

Stand Out With Unique Envelope Shapes and Colors

You want to make sure that your direct mail piece does not look like any other letter or bill found in a mailbox. Postcards and envelopes can easily catch the eye of the public by using unique shapes along with colorful visuals and compelling copy. Custom-cut envelopes get the attention of your target audience with sizes that are non-traditional and unique in shape and size. You need to remember that commanding the attention of the audience is a crucial first step in getting the response you desire. Envelopes that are large in size and personalized to the recipient have been shown to increase response rates. Check out NextPage’s Shape Cut Envelopes here.

Use Variable Data Printing to Personalize Your Direct Mail Message

One of the most successful ways to increase your direct mail response rates is through personalization of the direct mail materials. For example, think about adding the name of the customer in full color as this has been shown to increase response rates by an amazing 135%. The personalization process is easy to perform thanks to variable data printing that lets you change the name of the person on each direct mail piece. 

In addition, inline printing is a cost-effective and efficient method of printing variable content. Inline printing uses a high-resolution, high-speed print process that allows you to prepare your entire direct mail campaign in a single print pass.

Measure Direct Mail Response Rates and Optimize Campaigns with A/B Testing

In addition to increasing sales, your mailing list is a consumer research resource that lets you design direct mail that makes an impact with your target audience. From specific colors and fonts to visuals that match the theme of your message, you can increase the chances that your marketing message will resonate with customers and entice them to respond. 

As mentioned above, inline printing is a cost-effective option for printing direct mail variations that resonate with different customer profiles while also increasing your overall response rate.

Inline printing helps you A/B test the variations you have in mind in order to see which variation in messaging, images, or color best resonates with your target audience and generates the greatest response. The results of this personalization and consumer testing can influence future direct mail marketing campaigns to ensure increased response rates.

NextPage offers all of the direct mail enhancements discussed in this blog and is happy to put them to work on your next direct mail marketing campaign.

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