Tips for Making Print Patient Education Materials More Effective
Tips for Making Print Patient Education Materials More Effective

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June 30, 2022

Medical marketing can be a challenge as print materials for medical advertising require more information than other types of industries. Patients want to know the services you provide whether they are surgical, pediatric care or medical imaging. They also want to learn about the quality of care you offer, if your services are easily accessible to everyone, and why they should choose your business.

Patient education materials such as brochures provide comprehensive marketing information that can stand on its own or be part of a larger marketing campaign. Medical brochures for patients can include the story of your medical practice and details such as your office location, pricing, reviews, medical packages and business hours. Their compact size means they can be mailed, handed out at events or placed in high traffic areas where people can take one and even share with others. In general, a well-designed brochure builds consumer trust and because the brochure looks professional, consumers assume your services are as well! 

Keep reading to find out how to professionally design a brochure!

Minimalism is Important to Conveying Key Information

The creation of a design using minimalism means you are all about simplicity and using fewer elements to get the attention of the public. Here are some reasons why “less is more” is an effective approach for print materials

    • Reader-Friendly – A minimalist brochure design is “to the point” and reader-friendly. If your medical brochures for patients need to share significant information you don’t want the public to miss, minimalism might be your best option. 
    • Simple, Clean Effect Minimalist design uses white space to support and spotlight other design elements. In addition, the white space works with additional design elements to provide a clean and attractive feel to the brochure. Think about including a QR code patients call click on in order to get more in-depth information. 
  • A Minimalist Brochure Design is Easier to Finish – Minimalist designs have fewer elements which makes them easier to work on and complete thanks to a lack of constantly tweaking layers of images and text.

Use Modern Templates When Designing

You might find this hard to believe but the average person will not read everything on your brochure. This means you need to include concise and relevant content that is organized and easy to remember. The copy should be easy to scan while also being tailored to the needs of potential customers. Think about using a template to start the design and layout process since there are many medical brochure templates that have been proven to work time and again. 

5 Things To Include In Your Medical Brochures to Increase Engagement

  1. A compelling headline in the first three inches on the top of the brochure gets the attention of the public and makes them want to learn more about your office.
  2. Specify your healthcare services to stand out from the hundreds of competing companies offering various combinations of services to patients and consumers. Properly positioning your services to consumers includes communicating the scope of the services you provide. 
  3. Include a map that shows your locations and emergency entrances for easy access to your staff.
  4. Patient education materials should include frequently asked questions (FAQs) that answer any and all questions and concerns on the part of the patient (such as costs, risks, insurance information, etc.).  Make the FAQ a bullet point section so it is easy to follow and locate the desired information. 
  5. Include a “Customer Review” section with your brochure so new patients can view reviews from existing patients. This section helps you gain credibility as a service provider. Adding a customer review section means the public will be more inclined to trust you since other customers vouch for your medical practice.

Patient education on medical brochures can make the difference in your office being viewed as a trusted expert. Contact the brochure experts at NextPage today with any questions you have about creating brochures. 

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