Direct Mail Automation: Take Campaigns to the Next Level
Direct Mail Automation: Take Campaigns to the Next Level

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August 18, 2022

Marketing automation has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with customers as well as save time and money on manpower. The growing ability to easily connect with consumers in a quick manner through online marketing platforms has proven to have a positive impact on many industries. However, the continuing prevalence of the digital space has made using automated direct mail by itself a less than successful way to connect and successfully engage with consumers. 

In this blog, we will share the reasons why using direct mail automation will let you elevate your direct mail campaigns to the next level (and beyond).

Direct Mail Automation Will Make Your Campaign Stand Out

All types of businesses are discovering that including direct mail in their marketing automation strategy gives them the necessary advantage to stand out from the crowded field and connect with consumers on a deeper level. 

In general, direct mail has always been a proven marketing strategy even though many considered it to be an expensive and inaccessible option due to the fact that printing and mailing had to be performed in bulk. In addition, the direct mail process was viewed as slow and requiring a good deal of manual labor (as opposed to modern direct mail marketing strategies). 

The current century has seen positive changes that have created more affordable mailing options. Because of these changes, many marketers view direct mail as more effective than ever before so they have implemented it into their marketing automation. Our automated direct mail systems eliminate the repetitive, manual processes that have often been part of designing, proofing, printing and sending direct mail projects. In addition, our print and marketing automation systems can be used with variable data printing technology which allows us to produce consumer materials with an intimate touch along with highly personalized digital pages.

Make Connecting with Your Audience Easier

If you want to make an easy connection with your customers, direct mail automation helps CRM users interact with their audience and enjoy a stronger relationship with them. Plus, our automated direct mail services allow you to engage with new business prospects on a personal level. Your direct mail campaigns will cut through the online clutter that is often part of the email marketing experience, as well as other digital marketing efforts, and increase the overall ROI enjoyed by your company.

Enhanced Direct Mail Increases Campaign ROI

Take a look at exactly how direct mail provides the desired growth to your campaign ROI:

  • On-Demand Direct Mail Automation

There are solutions such as targeting anonymous web traffic with a postcard that make direct mail automation a necessary marketing plan for businesses looking to increase their success. On-demand print capabilities let you send a single direct mail piece to any person listed in your CRM marketing platform just as easily as sending them an email. 

  • Triggered Direct Mail Automation

With direct mail automation, you have the ability to schedule and send triggered, event-driven direct mail pieces and/or drip campaigns when a potential customer performs a certain action.

  • Variable Data Printing

The ability to personalize your direct mail leads to increased open rates. Variable data printing pulls specific headlines, personal names, addresses, offers, and images from a file. These elements are then inserted into a static mail design based on a variable piece of data that they need to match in your print files (before the preflight stage). 

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