Benefits of Automating Your Direct Mail Advertising
Benefits of Automating Your Direct Mail Advertising

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December 15, 2022

Successful marketing programs require many small tasks being performed correctly every day. Marketing automation builds your communication platform by creating a constant, regular communication channel that can be accessed by your members. This ongoing communication stream allows your organization to expand its mission statement and deliver an enhanced and excellent member experience.

Direct mail automation is able to provide the same level of customization and autonomy found in other marketing channels. Direct mail advertising is a powerful marketing method that reaches customers where they live. There are many steps involved in a successful direct mail campaign including the use of triggered direct mail that improves response rates and increases leads. 

So the question is, why choose automated direct mail for your next campaign?

Automated Direct Mail Improves Customer Experience and Conversion Rates

Save Time with Automated Direct Mail

Non-automated direct mail advertising requires a larger investment with less ability to measure the results, calculate campaign expenses, and predict direct income. You could delay the start of the campaign by spending too much time finding designers and printers with the necessary experience, as well as trying to choose the right USPS program. On the other hand, direct mail automation provides a clear picture of your investment and optimizes digital printing and delivery costs. In addition, some direct mail tools let you perform A/B testing of mail pieces to identify the ideal design and print volume.

Reduce Costs with Automated Direct Mail

Designing a manual direct mail piece can be expensive as you are often paying for the design and any necessary edits. Automated direct mail lets you make any changes, like the tagline or graphics, by simply opening your direct mail artwork and making the edit on your own. Automated campaigns run for an indefinite time and they can be edited and updated over time to meet the needs of your current campaign.

Automated Direct Mail Uses Data to Drive Campaigns

Triggered direct mail uses multiple data inputs to trigger campaigns tasks. If a customer visits a particular page on your website, you can send them a coupon for that product, via direct mail, to encourage them to convert into a paying customer. You might send a welcome postcard to those who subscribe to a digital newsletter. Geomarketing can trigger a direct mail piece to people, in a certain area at a particular time, to get feedback about an event from those who attended.  

Track Results and Improve Conversion Rates With Data

Tracking is a useful feature of triggered direct mail as it lets you follow the progress of your items so you know when to follow up with your target audience. For example, you can plan an omnichannel marketing campaign where email alerts are sent to each customer right after they receive your direct mail. Real-time tracking means you don’t have to wonder whether your email has reached the recipient.

10 Ideas for Using Automation in your Direct Mail Campaigns

Interested in learning more about the uses of automated direct mail? Check out the ten ideas listed below:

  • Say “Hello” to customers who create a new account with a personalized welcome postcard
  • Improve efficiency with triggered billing statements that go out following a customer appointment 
  • Gather relevant marketing data using geolocation data by sending a survey to everyone who was an attendee of a particular event 
  • Trigger a coupon or discount offer to be sent to any customer that visited a particular product page on your website
  • Encourage customers to finish the online checkout process with a direct mail piece featuring a QR code that links to their online cart and offers an incentive to purchase
  • Send an introductory product or service offer to individuals who recently purchased a home or vehicle
  • Show customers you appreciate them with a unique birthday discount for products and services based on their previous purchases
  • Nurture new donors with a direct mail drip campaign that thanks them for their support and gives more information about the goals of the organization  
  • Inform customers about oil changes and car maintenance requirements for vehicle warranties or provide time-sensitive promotional offers that have an expiration date
  • Drive an offline audience online with a multichannel marketing experience that provides them multiple ways to purchase and interact with you

Which Industries Benefit The Most From Direct Mail Automation?

In general, almost any industry can grow its connection with clients and increase its ROI with direct mail automation. However, some marketers work in industries that see more success than others. Here are the industries that have the biggest ROI and ways each one can use direct mail automation.  

  • Triggered Direct Mail for Insurance Providers

Automated direct mail marketing for insurance agents provides increased lead 

generation because of its flexibility. You can send a specific design to a person in a particular situation. For example, send out Medicare postcards right before the start of the Annual Election Period or share an offer with a person close to their 65th birthday. The right timing can be crucial in generating leads and turning them into customers.

  • Triggered Direct Mail for Financial Service Providers

Trigger a customer acquisition offer based on the browsing history of the prospect. If new cardholders do not use the card within the first month of receiving it, a direct mail piece can educate them about the features and benefits of using it (such as 0% interest over twelve months).

  • Triggered Direct Mail for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can remind patients of upcoming appointments or offer discounts on medical procedures or certain medicines. HIPAA compliant printers can deliver monthly statements and medical bills through automated direct mail. Send a welcome packet to new patients with a map that includes routes to the nearest emergency facilities from the address of the recipient.

Direct mail doesn’t just generate positive results on its own. Direct mail also increases conversion numbers, retention rates, and repurchase profits for digital channels. If you are ready to develop a automated direct mail campaign, visit

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