80,000 Things Ferrellgas Can Teach You About Distributed Marketing

Managing the marketing needs of over 800 locations is no small task. Ferrellgas has done an excellent job of it, driving revenue and results on a local level. Last year they realized that they could improve their localized marketing and make their personnel more efficient with a marketing communications portal (to some of you, this means Marketing Asset ManagementMarketing or Print Automation, or Web to Print.)

The effort to consolidate vendors, learn a new process, or simply loading a platform with the multitude of marketing materials and assets can be daunting. Although some companies become intimidated by the initial work it takes to launch a Marketing Communications Portal, Ferrellgas never batted an eyelash and tackled it head-on.

Today Ferrellgas can give you 80,000 reasons why that implementation process is well worth it. They will save at least $80,000 in their first year of using Mail Print’s marketing communications portal and were recently featured in Aberdeen’s report “Marketing Asset Management, Managing Brand Compliance in Distributed Marketing Environments.” The results have been everything they expected and more.

“It was an immediate, overnight turnaround, with far shorter production times, less repetitive effort, and more consultation and guidance being provided to the field offices,” said Brian Mater, Marketing Manager at Ferrellgas.

If you’d like to read more of the Ferrellgas story, check out our online Ferrellgas case study.

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