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October 7, 2011

Are your direct mail marketing numbers spiking or splatting? If you want to bring in at least three new projects from your existing clients in the next 60 days stop selling and start solving. Solution selling is the quickest way to move from being a bother to being a trusted advisor in your customer’s mind. You’ll see a turn for the better in your numbers by making this adjustment.

So for the next two months, put one marketing or sales project on hold to give your staff time to ask your customers what big business problems they are wrestling with. Nothing engages customers faster than addressing their pain and fears.

What Keeps Them Awake at Night 

Learn the three biggest worries that are keeping each CEO awake at night if you’re a B2B business or frustrating or enraging each A-level customer if you’re a B2C business. Then develop a solution to each problem each month and you’ll be delivering gold while also increasing your company’s revenues.

Start by segmenting your customer database to assemble a round-table, a CEO summit, or series of focus groups with pivotal customers to gather the specifics you can build a plan around. Better yet, send your sales force out to talk to your customers through a pain funnel one-on-one. This effort should uncover pertinent, fresh info to act on as well as improving customer relations. It will also help you hone your marketing copy.

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Learn how to execute a winning strategy with Direct Mail

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When an appliance company did this exercise, it learned women were feeling guilty for not keeping up on their domestic chores but didn’t feel comfortable hiring outside maid services. In response, the appliance company crafted a direct marketing campaign for its robot vacuum that boosted sales 20%. Its female customers gave a big nod affirming the pain-driven home in the postcard that read:

  • Does vacuuming take up too much of your time?
  • Do you shudder with frustration every time you look at the dirt on the floor?
  • Are you frustrated by all the arguments you have with your spouse about vacuuming and wish it could be different?

Women rushed to purchase the robot vac because it solved their immediate problem — taking away the pain and guilt of a dirty house without adding time or additional tasks to their to-do list.

After you have a true understanding of your customer’s pain, you can fine-tune your marketing messages and, more importantly, add value by providing your customers more pain remedies through white papers, eBooks, and webinars. Delving deep to take away their pain is the perfect way to position your company as the go-to expert.

Intensify Their Pain

When your sale is low on a customers’ priority list, it is because they believe they have bigger problems to focus on. You can compress the sales cycle by getting them to experience the consequences of the problem in advance of it happening. You want to make this problem feel real in the present moment through story telling.

LifeLock moves the threat of identity theft to the forefront of its customers’ minds through stories. LifeLock drives home that the bad news is your data is out there, but the good news is they have your back.

My husband and I have had to deal with fraudulent use of one of our credit cards no less than 3 times over the last few years and it was a pain to deal with each time, but not nearly as much of a hassle as it would be to prove fraud if one of us had our identity stolen. I’ve heard the horror stories from victims of identity theft who were out thousands of dollars and countless hours of time trying to battle against this crime. It is comforting to know that I am able to take proactive steps to prevent this type of theft from occurring and if it does occur, I have an ally on my side, ready to help battle against it, through LifeLock’s protection plan.

Tamara Walker, R.N

“My husband was skeptical, but I signed us up, and forgot about it. A couple of months later, on a family vacation, my husband received a phone call asking if he was applying for a new credit card. Someone was trying to steal his identity. LifeLock had stopped the thief cold. Wecontinued on with our vacation knowing we were safe.”

Kim Barnes

When St. Jerome pulled the thorn from the lion’s paw, therefore removing its pain, Jerome gained a loyal friend and protector for life. When you remove the pain from your customer’s paw, you’ll gain business and loyalty for life, too. Find that thorn.

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