Tips for Writing Irresistible Direct Marketing Content: Part 3

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October 17, 2013

If you are going to do something, do it right! We all want to make sure our marketing campaigns hit home with our target audience. Put some potency into your advertising by following these guidelines.

  • Ready Aim, Market: Don’t take shots in the dark with your marketing campaign. Don’t waste your customer’s time by sending them static messages that do not pertain to them. Make sure each campaign is meaningful and targeted.
  • Reward Your Customers: Everyone loves a pat on the back. So why not pat your customers on the back for being responsive to your marketing material. Put discounts or special events that are aimed just towards them. Remember to make use of your power words.
  • Don’t Miss Out: In your message tell the customers what they will be saved from with your product or service. Phrase your benefits to show how the customer may avoid a potential problem.

Follow these simple steps to show your value to your customers.

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