Tips for Writing Irresistible Direct Marketing Content: Part 5

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December 5, 2013

We have all experienced bad customer service, so why would you allow your customers to experience the same thing? Keep your customers in the loop by focusing on their needs.

  • The Midas Touch: The best thing to do is level with your customers. Do not create unreachable expectations with your marketing materials. Be truthful to your customers and never give them the runaround. Customer service is a huge part of the business culture these days, so the better you align your marketing message with your customer care strategy the higher your customer retention will be.
  • You not Our: When you write to a customer the content should have 2x as many “You” words as “Our” words. This turns the focus of your content to the customer and not on your company. Your customers do not care about how you make a profit. They want to know how you can help them make a profit.
  • S.: Do not forget to carefully end your content. Just like the greeting, you will want to personalize the sign-off as much as possible. Also, think about using the closing as one last call to action. If at all possible have your sign-off and your signature be handwritten.

Follow these simple steps to increase your customer engagement and overall customer satisfaction.


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