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May 9, 2016

“Save a tree. Do not print this email.” There are lots of reasons to avoid printing a document, but the “save a tree” approach isn’t one of them.

Paper is one of the most sustainable products on earth. Paper is made from wood, a natural resource that is renewable and recyclable. Paper can be recycled 5 to 7 times before the wood fibers break down. This is why new wood fiber must be produced. Most trees are used to make lumber, not pulp and paper. In North America, most paper is made from sawmill residues and recovered paper, and less than 36% of annual timber harvest is used for paper.

There are more trees here now than 100 years ago thanks to the North American paper industry’s advocacy of responsible forestry practices and certification. 89% of pulpwood comes from private land. Landowners are compensated for the trees harvested from their land and are encouraged to renew this valuable resource. Paper manufacturers encourage forest sustainability through their purchase and use of certified wood fiber. By providing a market for responsibly grown fiber, the North American paper industry promotes sustainable forest management.


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