IP Targeting With Venue Replay – Using High-Value Locations

IP Targeting With Venue Replay – Using High-Value Locations

IP Targeting is a new marketing method that matches IP addresses to physical addresses. This means that when you send someone a direct mail campaign, you can also deliver them personalized digital ads on devices connect to their home network. But what if you could deliver digital ads to people that frequent specific locations or events?  This is another form of IP Targeting called Venue Replay.

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Let’s say you are selling sporting gear representing your local professional team. You want to target people that frequent the stadium where they play, but you can’t afford the expensive team sponsorship. Delivering ads to those consumers online showing your trendy jerseys is just the ticket. Venue Replay allows us to create a perimeter or “geo-frame” around a specific location and capture the device ID’s of the phones and tablets that access the internet while in that location for a defined time frame. We are then able to track those individual devices back to the person’s home and deliver ads not only on the mobile device, but also through the home router and desktop computers connected to the home network.

You can get similar results using a marketing tool called geo-fencing, but the two work differently and use different methodology. Here are the differences between Venue Replay and geo-fencing:

Difference between Venue Replay and geo-fencing

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