5 Types of Large Format Print Solutions to Consider
5-Types-of-Large-format printing

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August 19, 2021

As it continues to diversify its products and services, the commercial print industry sees increased demand for expanded products, including large or wide format printing and large-scale printing. More affordable than alternate options, large/wide format printing, and the technology and printers needed to complete it successfully, are becoming popular – and fast. In addition, new machines, like our Canon Colorado 1650, allow for a wide range of high-quality printed materials, a vital criterion for large/wide format printing.

On the consumer side, more companies are becoming increasingly creative with their large-scale printing materials to attract a broader consumer base even better. If you’ve been seeking a new way to advertise your business or product, keep these five innovative solutions in mind.

Use Deep Matte Designer Wallpaper

This luxuriously high-quality wallpaper has a deep matte finish that makes patterns and details shine, thanks to our Océ FLXfinish technology.  With the right printing partner and the push of a button, you can increase the perceived value of your wall decoration, logo, or decal.

Spot Gloss & Matte on Vinyl

Large format vinyl prints can be enhanced in a number of different ways while using techniques such as spot gloss or matte as examples, you can easily accent the graphic elements on the print as well as being more efficient by eliminating the need for laminate in many cases.

Drool Over Neatly Folded Canvas Prints

We get it:  you need to make sure your prominently displayed prints are gallery-quality. Luckily, thanks to the elasticity of the Océ Colorado 1650 printer’s UVgel inks, we’re equipped to produce stellar canvas prints with perfect creases – unlike many other commercial printers.

Expansive Panoramic Wall Wraps

To create a more immersive experience using wide panoramic wall wraps is a perfect solution. A critical component is ensuring that the crossovers are perfect so the wrap will appear seamless. Taking your time on the installation whether it’s temporary or permanent is a must to create the experience you and your customers desire.

Take Advantage of Eye-catching Front and Back-lit Displays

Vibrant front-lit or back-lit displays help customers notice, remember, and support your business. Don’t wait weeks or months to get a lighted commercial sign; our Canon UVgel technology offers the rich colors, elegant matte, and can also block harmful rays from typical UV lights without sacrificing color vibrancy making them safer than typical displays. 

Want to see what other large format print solutions our Oce Colorado series can produce? Send us your most challenging project today, and let’s get started!

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