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September 2, 2021

We provide three creative ways to improve bank visit satisfaction and customer retention by utilizing print marketing materials to help effectively address niche problems, working with a bank printing partner who can quickly offer complete kit solutions under one roof, and using consistent, branded print materials across departments and branches.

1. Address Niche Problems With Bank Printing

While the services, communication channels, and products many banks offer to make them attractive to a wide consumer base, this “one-size-fits-all” approach also keeps them from anticipating and providing specific, targeted service and product messages. Even if you can’t meet every need, using a diverse set of financial printed materials can address the individual services and products easily. This way, your bank can effectively address the individual problems each customer has without overwhelming them or getting lost.

2. Use a Print Partner Who Can Do it All

One key reason most banks are unable to offer efficient, complete solutions – like kits offering multiple solutions for small businesses, soon-to-be-retiring professionals, etc. – is that they’re relying on multiple companies for financial printing services, with kit materials arriving inconsistently. By choosing a print partner who can create all your bank printing materials, you speed up the delivery time of kit materials, ensure the consistency of those materials, and streamline communications. These work together towards your primary goal to serve your customers better.

3. Maintain Brand Consistency in Print Materials With a Marketing Portal

Maintaining your bank’s brand across branches is important especially if your bank offers a wide range of financial solutions and materials. But maintaining a consistent brand standard is a challenge without a centralized storage system. Storing all branded materials (logos, colors, and typography, brand standards) in a marketing portal allows them to be easily accessible for your team and its partners on demand. This way, branded templates can be approved for use before rolling them out company wide and no matter what your branch’s printing needs are, your brand will be consistent in everything produced.

No matter how you want to use financial printing services to serve your customers better, NextPage is the partner you need. Contact us today to start your next project.

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