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October 7, 2021

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If you found out you had access to an unexplored treasure trove of data that could drastically increase your return on investment, would you jump to utilize it? Well, you’re in luck: smart, direct mail marketing can help you more effectively target specific prospects using tailored messaging. While mailing lists provide some value on their own, informed segmentation (dividing your master list into smaller, more particular groups) of direct mail data lets you offer a personalized marketing experience for every recipient. 

After identifying these groups, we provide more in-depth segmentation—by demographic, geographic location, historical buying habits etc.,— and variable data printing to create personal touchpoints and turn direct mail recipients into loyal customers. Read on to learn more about how more innovative utilization of direct mail can drastically increase your ROI.

3 Reasons to Personalize your Direct Mail using Variable Data Printing

After segmenting your mailing list, variable data printing offers opportunities for personalization that can give you a distinct advantage over competitors not yet tapping into its power. Three simple ways personalized direct mail works:

  • Builds trust
    Names have power: Addressing someone by their name and speaking directly to them with relevant information builds trust and helps increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase response rates
    Personalized direct mail lets you directly address your consumers, drastically increasing the chances that they read your direct mail. Whether you’re launching a new product, re-introducing your services, or advertising a specific event, personalized direct mail greatly increases the likelihood of your success.
  • Embrace the way of the future
    The vast majority of US consumers find personalized marketing more appealing than impersonal ads. When consumers are inundated by general ads, reaching people personally is the way of the future, and one of the best ways to make direct mail marketing work in your favor.

How Direct Mail Fits into your Multichannel Marketing Plan

Utilizing multichannel marketing means that multiple online and offline digital channels are involved in reaching prospects and customers at each stage of the buyer journey. This multichannel approach offers unique ways to connect with prospects while simultaneously keeping them aware of your services and expansion opportunities. 

  • Direct mail and social media
    Valuable time and resources are spent to reach potential customers’ social media platforms, and further duplicated when multiple channels are involved. While this is a good strategy, social media targeting and direct mail efforts aren’t optimized until they work together to optimize results.
  • Direct mail and email
    If you’ve been depending on an email-only touch strategy to reach your ideal consumer base, it’s time to use physical addresses to test the power of mail and how effectively it boosts your sales. Especially if you’ve never optimized this channel before, using personalized marketing through email adds a layer of distinction that can help you stand out.

Still not sure how to use direct mail marketing to target your ideal customers? We can help.

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