Wide Format Print for Big Events
Wide Format Print for Big Events

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November 18, 2021

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Generally speaking, a wide-format printer is any printer with a maximum paper roll width of between 18 and 100 inches, or much larger than standard paper. Unlike other print methods, such as screen printing, wide-format printing is an economical choice for short-run projects because it’s faster, more versatile, and easier to produce than other options. More affordable than alternate options, wide format printing, and the technology and printers needed to complete it successfully, are becoming popular – and fast. In addition, new machines, like our Canon Colorado 1650, allow for a wide range of high-quality printed materials, a vital criterion for wide format printing. 

These benefits make wide format print ideal for a wide range of projects, including event signage for a small business, trade show signage, banner printing for a weekend event like a cycling race, or printing a limited run of posters for an art show. Let’s dive into some event types that can benefit from wide format printing and the most effective ways to use it in banner form to optimize their success.

6 Event Types That Benefit from Wide Format Printing

A smaller version of a billboard advertisement, wide format print banners provide an eye-catching visual aid sure to draw attention to your event. 

Community Events

Community events like blood drives, food drives, bingo nights, local theater productions, and more gain traction and support from the local community. Large printing materials like roadside banners draw attention and raise awareness to your event.


Fall is here, and fall festivals (or any type of festivity) require effective wide format sign advertising to increase visibility and withstand varied weather conditions. Color and eye-catching visuals help take these signs to the next level.

Sporting Events

Sporting events, like fall football, hockey tournaments, the baseball World Series, and similar events on a smaller scale provide a prime opportunity to use wide format print to highlight your offer or service. Whether you need a banner for a sideline eye-grabber, or a wide format sign to catch the attention of your favorite player, you can’t go wrong.

Weddings and special days

Significant events, like weddings, benefit highly from banners and large print signs to help guests maneuver from one activity to the next. With room for significant design variance, it’s easy to make your banner as unique as your special day. Wide format banners are also ideal for holiday or commemorative day signs to highlight special programs, charitable opportunities, or gatherings.

Sales and promotional events

Eye-catching banners shouting “SALE!” or “THIS WEEKEND ONLY!” are ideal opportunities to highlight promotions and draw attention to the short-term availability of your offer. Since these sales can be last-minute, working with a print partner who can quickly and effectively handle banner production is key.

Potential Business Projects

Not only beneficial for commercial use, banners are ideal for business-related displays, presentations, and potential projects. Their size, flexibility, and short-run potential make them an ideal choice.

Any business, need, or event can benefit from wide format marketing products: contact NextPage before your next event to make sure your print marketing materials shine.

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