Benefits of variable data printing for personalization
Benefits of variable data printing for personalization

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December 2, 2021

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VDP, or Variable Data Printing, is similar to mail merge, but more powerful. Instead of using complex spreadsheets to just add names and addresses to a letter or envelope, VDP creates highly targeted communications through personalized marketing.

VDP is helpful to nearly any campaign, using available information to customize the design, message, or personal information of recipients so you can reach them more effectively. Picking up on details like gender, geographic location, buying preference, shopping history, age, and more, VDP customization helps win higher direct mail open rates thanks to its flexibility while meeting quick delivery timelines and offering increased trackability. Let’s explore just how it achieves this.

Personalized Marketing Means Higher Open Rates

According to research, marketing messages see a higher response rate when personalized to the audience or recipient they’re targeting. Small details, like the consumer’s name and actual address on a piece of mail, make recipients feel seen and valued, inspiring them to act. To further increase the positive experience from end-to-end, consider customizing thank you notes or follow-up emails by acknowledging the product or services the consumer ordered.

Customize Images, Fonts, and Colors

Variable data direct mail also has the capacity to print a standardized campaign template with variables or changes along the way.  This way, you can target different demographics or locations with different messages. These alternatives, commonly called A/B testing, help you find the most effective message by sending multiple at once, and comparing results. 

Another personalized marketing advantage VDP offers is the capacity to print multiple images, fonts and colors. These aspects play strongly into creating a mood or personality for your direct mail and can be easily changed to make your mail more highly-targeted. For example, a red color scheme and bold font convey strength and excitement that will draw the eyes of consumers resonating with that feel. Keep this in mind as you design for your product, and for your audience.

VDP has Small Run Requirements and Fast Turn Around Times

VDP is digitally printed. Since computers and digital presses are highly adaptable, you can change text, numbers, images, labels and more without accruing downtime, saving you time and money. The lack of makeready, offset printing plates, and minimal downtime also lets most variable data printing have no order minimums: whether you need 100 copies or 10,000, prep time is consistent. 

All these digital advantages work together to make VDP simpler, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional offset printing. Combined with the ability to personalize mail for either a partial or full print run, it’s a smart option for any business.

Offers Better Tracking than Traditional Direct Mail

Another benefit of personalizing direct mail campaigns with variable data is the ability to add unique identifiers, bar codes, or offer codes that help you to track results. Receipt rates, open rates, and responses all work together to create a return on investment – the whole point of your investment!

We suggest using personalized URLs or pURLS (personalized URLs) that lead consumers to their own (also customizable) landing page. This path helps you learn exactly who’s visiting your landing pages from VDP mailers—even if they don’t convert right away—and how your team should follow up to win the sale.

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