Automated Direct Mail Marketing for Non Profit fundraising
Automated Direct Mail Marketing for Non Profit fundraising

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December 16, 2021

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Designing, proofing, printing, and delivering effective direct mail marketing campaigns was a time-consuming process; until now. Automated direct mail marketing advancements eliminate these physical, repetitive processes thanks to variable direct mail technology and digital improvements. The result is a seamless process capable of producing highly-personalized results for any industry, but a few in particular. 

Nonprofits, specifically, can utilize effective automated direct mail marketing to increase fundraising. The flexibility, unorthodox promotion, and donor engagement capabilities of nonprofit mail make it an ideal method for your team to connect with your supporters better. Let’s explore how each advantage comes into play. 

Direct Mail Automation Allows Nonprofit Flexibility

As a nonprofit, your direct mail volume fluctuates unpredictably due to season changes and fundraising needs. Therefore, it’s vital to have a flexible direct mail printing strategy. By prioritizing flexibility and using automation to trigger printing at specific markers, your organization can adapt to changing industry needs or team-specific timelines, helping you reduce funds and allocate funds when and where you need them most. 

Utilizing nonprofit mail automation frees up your time, as well, due to its minimal nature. Instead of requiring a fresh campaign with each attempt, automated nonprofit mail lets you target old donors, prospects, and recent supporters with the same personalized mail.

Direct Mail Offers a Way To Promote new Ideas

While products and services are the main selling-point for for-profit companies, your ideas and mission are your most valuable asset as a nonprofit. The written word—in print, specifically—is invaluable in spreading the word about the important work you do and the demographic you serve. The more people that see and share your content, the greater your reach. Direct mail marketing assists in the effort by providing high-quality, mailable content for your supporters.

An improved ROI is a nearly natural advantage, with marketing automation making it easier for new or existing supporters to enjoy streamlined communication and organizational information. The more they know, the easier it is for them to support you.

Traditional Print Marketing Engages Donors Better Than Digital

Direct mail marketing also offers another way—in addition to in-person events or digital chances—for people to donate their time or resources to your organization. With the constant inandatations to ads and other callings, it’s all too easy for people to lose sight of what matters. Your printed materials not only remind people who you are and what you do, but the physicality of direct mail marketing makes your messaging even more effective and surprising and helps people connect emotionally with your mission, too. 

All these work together to help scale your outreach, too. It’s easier to manage existing data and generate potential support with automation assisting in effective prospect marketing. Even for prospective or inactive supporters, a simple, personalized direct mail message can inspire action and support.

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