What are The Benefits of Personalized Direct Mail?
What are The Benefits of Personalized Direct Mail?

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May 5, 2022

There was a time in the not too distant past where you could only use offset printing techniques to create marketing materials for large campaigns. Flash forward to the present when almost 90% of marketers in the United States have reported measurable improvements in their direct mail efforts thanks to the ability to use personalized direct mail. In addition, more than half of these marketers have reported an increase of greater than 10% thanks to personalized mail. 

Offset printing required more time to perform because the printer had to set a specific plate for the design of the materials (which slowed down the direct mail printing process). These days, variable data printing (VDP) software lets you order larger numbers of printed marketing materials without any extra setup time. VDP software also gives you the ability to alter each printed piece and personalize it as needed (which makes it targeted direct mail due to the actual name and/or address of each person being on the printed piece). 

Three Benefits of Utilizing Personalized Direct Mail

In general, personalized direct mail increases response rates up to 36% in most cases. Studies show that 77% of consumers have picked, recommended or done business with a brand that has given them a personalized experience or service. Personalization creates a connection and consumers that have an emotional attachment to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value. 

Additional benefits of personalized direct mail include:

  • Build Customer Trust:
    Research has shown consumers prefer a personalized customer experience over a generic experience. A customized approach wins customers over and earns their loyalty by appealing to individual interests or mentioning an important milestone like an anniversary, birthday, or other significant life event. Work those specific elements into each prospect’s personalized mail piece during your campaign.
  • Personalized Direct Mail Increases Engagement:
    In the past, everyone has received a letter directed at the “homeowner” or “resident”. More often than not, mail that is addressed in an impersonal manner is thrown out. Roughly 60% of consumers want a personalized experience and accomplishing this goal increases consumer engagement.
  • Increased Revenue:
    Targeted direct mail is created with one goal in mind: increased revenue. In order to increase your profits, you need to design and create direct mail campaigns with the target customer in mind. Many customers have confirmed they will no longer buy from a company that does not take into account their purchase history and preferences. You can no longer risk isolating your customers so keep their desired purchases in mind when planning a direct mail campaign.

Ways to Personalize Using Print Products

There are multiple ways to utilize print products when it comes time to personalize messages to your customers. Some examples include the simple act of sending a “thank you” note when a customer makes a purchase, adding personal inserts inside a customer catalog, and even adding unique QR codes to the printed piece. Personalized Direct Mail, which is also known as Variable Data Printing (VDP), combines the power of your database with direct mail marketing to provide a personal experience for your target audience.

Think about using personalized direct mail during your next marketing campaign to ensure you make a connection with your audience.

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