Email: Direct Mail’s New BFF

Email is, by far, the best thing to ever hit direct marketing.

One of the newest ways we are helping our clients manage their direct communications is by helping them develop automated systems to use direct mail strategically in conjunction with email campaigns.  Let me share some of the innovative ways our clients are approaching the mail/email equation:

1) Hard Bounces

We recently developed an automated system that generates a postcard the day after a hard bounced email.  This allows our client to have their customers easily update their email addresses as soon as the old email address is no longer valid.  The real beauty of this is that it is fully automated.  No one has to pull a list from the Email Service Provider and send it to us.  It just happens.

2) Unsubscribes

If a long-term customer opts-out of your email communications, what does that mean?

  • They no longer want email?
  • They have an unaddressed complaint with your company?
  • They no longer need your product or service?

Our client just asks by mailing a survey after someone opts-out, allowing them to address unforeseen issues and quickly win back the appropriate customers.

3) Driving PURL Responses

Several of our clients are having success by using both email and mail in conjunction with PURLs (personalized URL), as both a way to invite their audience members to visit their personalized websites, and to follow up with respondents to thank them for visiting and drive their next action.

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Learn how to execute a winning strategy with Direct Mail

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4) One Tactic, Two Mediums

This may seem simple, but one of our client’s retention marketing efforts simply consists of mailing or emailing the same information, but if they have opted into email, they get email.  If they don’t have a valid email address or if they haven’t opted into email, they get the information mailed to them.  Simple, but it works.

Repairing The Email Vs. Direct Mail Breach

One of our associates recently attended Marketing Sherpa’s Email Marketing Summit in Miami.  Many of the attendees wondered why a company like NextPage would attend such an event. They thought a company formerly named “Mail Print” would perceive email as “the enemy.”  Far from it.  We were probably more successful at this event than the email companies… because we get it.  Our clients need more than one successful marketing tactic to drive the revenue they need to propel their companies through this recession.  And, oh boy, the magic we can make by strategically planning to use the right medium for our audiences.

Mail has not died.  It just has a new BFF… email.

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