Tips for Writing Irresistible Direct Marketing Content: Part 4

Tips for Writing Irresistible Direct Marketing Content: Part 4

Beat your competition with a variety of different direct marketing campaigns. Throw static marketing to the wayside.

  • Generic Greetings: DO NOT say “Hello Customer or Greetings Friend.” Variable Data Printing (VDP) offers you the ability to personalize each greeting with your customer’s name and anything else you know about your customer.
  • Include Numbers: Including numbers and symbols in your content not only catches the reader’s attention, it also shortens your content. Example: “We have saved over one hundred and thirty dollar switching to direct cable.” Now look at it with numbers and symbols. “We saved over $135 switching to direct cable.”
  • Using a Formula: We all know it is easy to send out static mail that one after another is the same. Steer away from creating a campaign that looks the same every time you send it.  Change the text, pictures and offers with each customer touch point. However, keep your color schemes and logo placement consistent throughout your efforts.

Follow these simple steps and to make your customers feel unique and help drive customer engagement.

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