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Today’s marketers are pushed to the limit. Between social posting, keyword analysis, data mining, content writing and analytical reporting, there’s just not enough hours in the day. Fortunately, there’s also been many changes in the way that marketing can be done behind the scenes, automatically so that you can do what you do best, which is take care of your customers. Here’s a few of the ways that marketing can work on its own:

Marketing automation integrates and automates the scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns. Many successful businesses have been able to integrate processes that have been previously performed manually, allowing them to become much more efficient. It also enables them to more clearly divide customers and prospects and thus provide appropriate segmentation and subsequent campaign management.

Email Follow-Up: Say a prospect subscribes to your blog or abandons their shopping cart while on your site. With a marketing automation system, an email with customizable images and content will be sent to the prospect. If the prospect were to respond to the email by clicking on the link, taking them back to their shopping cart, that data would be stored and later analyzed.
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Direct Mail Follow-Up: We all love to receive a birthday card in the mail. With a marketing automation system, you could send birthday cards with a customized offer specific to that customer’s buying habits. The automated system can also customize the content, imagery and offer.

CRM Integration: If you’ve invested in a CRM system, it’s time it started paying you back. By integrating your CRM system with a marketing automation tool, you can turn that system into a profit-driving communications platform. This can allow your sales and marketing users to initiate multi-channel marketing campaigns directly from their CRM screen.

With today’s buying cycle becoming more complex, you need an automated system that takes the redundancies and labor out of your marketing campaigns. Marketing Automation allows you to create templates and adapt your messaging for each segment of your CRM system. Isn’t it time you started automating your campaigns?

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