Repairing A Broken Customer Relationship Part 2

NextPage feels so strongly about our relationship with our customer; we made them the cornerstone of our mission:

We create exceptional experiences by reinventing how our customers engage their customers for better results. We solve problems, mine data and leverage the latest printing and communication technologies to deliver more than ink on paper. By targeting the right people with the right information at the right time on the right page, we compel people to take action.

The customer relationship is the foundation of everything we do. Part 2 of this series from Author Michael Pallerino discusses the role of marketing in nurturing the customer relationship.

Repairing a Broken Customer Relationship
Understanding What Your Consumers Really Want
By Michael J. Pallerino

Know thy customer
It used to be that if you asked a successful company the secret to its success the answer would be that it took care of its customers. Today it is so much more. Today’s consumers want more. They expect companies to come to them. They expect companies to provide a pleasant, productive and personalized experience – something that makes them feel special.

The smart companies – respond to these changing customer expectations by putting their customers first, engaging them in new ways and focusing on customer service and satisfaction.

That’s the way Dan Antonelli approaches his customers. “It is our responsibility to uncover the challenges and objectives of a customer’s business so that we can provide insight into what they need, not what they want,” says Antonelli, CEO and creative director of the advertising agency Graphic D-Signs, and author of “Building A Big Small Business Brand.”

A need addresses a challenge or objective while a want is a preference or desire of a customer. “It is our job to know,” Antonelli says. “A good marketer leverages his research and insights to uncover trends before everyone else gets on the bandwagon. A good marketer is able to market to customers of the future, not just of today.”

Antonelli’s team engages in market research, competitive analysis, and then reviews and assesses their clients’ current brand and marketing tools in order to develop a strategic marketing plan to help accomplish their goals and address their challenges. The strategy is to build an initiative that can connect with the ever-evolving tastes of today’s consumers.

“Often, our strategies revolve around branding and consistent brand integration on all the consumer touch points,” Antonelli says. “Customers are looking to connect more emotionally to those who they do business with, and a great brand can deliver on that type of brand promise.”

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