Why IP Targeting is The Postman of the Internet [Infographic]

Everybody likes cookies, right? Especially the ones your grandmother made. But what about cookies that are used for digital targeting, people like those too, right? Since the 1990’s, cookies, those small pieces of coding that are placed on your web browser by the server of website you visit, have played a major role in digital advertising because of their ability to loosely target audiences. And while they do have the ability to target, cookies are tied to devices and not individuals. And since they populate data that is based on online behavior and not the actual consumer information, often times cookies deliver wrong or conflicting data, which means your ads are being viewed by visitors not suited to them. Which means wasted dollars.

IP targeting solves that problem by using offline data of the consumers you want to target, which is verified and drastically reduces wasted views as well as the potential of non-human bot traffic. IP targeting fuses direct mail with digital advertising by matching physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision, offering multi-platform personalized interactions and better conversion rates. Here’s an infographic that can best illustrate how IP targeting works:

IP Targeting Infographic

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